Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

All's Quiet on the Western Front...

or at least on *my* front. Dusty is OK - I guess he was just feeling his age yesterday morning. He was pretty much normal last night, and he was up this AM demanding food. (That's him in my icon - he was being silly. When he was 3, I had him at a trainer's. The trainer had a bunch of young "groupies"; pre-teen girls that were horse-crazy but broke. He traded riding lessons for barn chores. Anyway, one of them adopted Dusty - she taught him to turn his head sideways for treats, and now he does it whenever he thinks he needs extra lovin'. :snicker:)

Jayne has discovered his boing muscles. We now have 6 kids boing-ing all over the place - it's hysterical. They're so bad, they got the 2 milkers boing-ing this morning after we were done. :silly goats: Calvin can reach the feeders now (if he stands on his back legs and stretches), so he's trying to chow down as much goat feed as he can in the few minutes the does allow him to stand there. Kaylee and Saffron have discovered hay.....Hobbes and River are interested, but haven't *quite* decided they need the extra stuff. It's a mad-house in the barn right now! :lol:

My husband.....:sigh: We were discussing the weekend last night. He wants to work on fencing, so we can get the bucklings moved over in June (it'll take about that long to get stuff ready for them!). OK....I said if he'd break down some pallets for me this week, all he'd have to do Sat. AM was put up insulation for me - I can cut the wood and nail it up, I just can't break down the pallets. He agreed, then said "Would it behoove us to panel the feed room, too?" Well, OK - yes, but we'd have to put a sliding door on, to protect the wood from the weather (to be fair, we're going to put a sliding door up anyway - this will just push that project up on the list). I don't mind - the nail gun makes it go fast, so, y'know, whatever. He then decided that instead of using tin on the outside of the milkroom door-wall (where I've been taking photos from; right as you go into the barn, opposite of the kidding-area) we needed to panel both sides. I can do that. I countered with OK, since we're going that route, *I'd* like to panel at least the bottom of the kidding area - and insulate it, so that the newborns wouldn't get so chilled (the kidding area has a North wall, and we get pretty strong winds. That wall is a bit chilly in the winter). He agreed, then countered with "What about just doing the whole barn?"

So.....we'll be hauling pallets for quite some time. :lol: Eventually, the entire barn will be double-walled. This is a good thing - it'll cut down on drafts, it'll look nicer, and it will help prevent any leg injuries from where the tin meets the ground (because the ground isn't perfectly level, there are some small gaps that are the perfect size for a newborn hoof to get caught in. Small chance, yes, but still possible.) It'll also make the modifications he wants to do a little easier - he wants to remove the center row of tin and replace it with sliding windows in the goat area. Adding the paneling will protect the windows and finish it out.

And I thought the *barn* was done! :lol: It won't take long to put up the paneling - we won't be insulating the goat area, so all we have to do is break down the pallets and bang 'em up. Probably a 3 or 4 day job. I figure we have another 2 or 3 days on the milk room (because of insulating it, and having to do both sides of that one wall, AND we have to build a half-door); the feed room will take another 2 or 3 days. it 14 work days in all (to cover time lost to bad weather, running out of nails, batteries dying and needing to be recharged, stuff like that). :sigh:

Man, Jeffers Vet ships FAST. I ordered the disbudding tool on Monday - it arrived YESTERDAY. BEFORE lunch, even! The kid-holding box also arrived yesterday - why do some companies think they need to include religious tracts in every order? This one isn't even very well written...:sigh: Anyway, we're set to do River and Hobbes this weekend. :sob:

Just turned the heel and picked up the gussets on my Stargazing sock. Looks nice - just wish I had more time to work on it!
Tags: blather, country life, goats

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