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It was, once again, a busy weekend. And, once again, I took…


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It was, once again, a busy weekend. And, once again, I took pictures. Some, anyway. I haven't slept since Friday, so this might be a bit rambly....

Saturday, we worked on the milkroom. Didn't get pictures, but the outside wall has been paneled. Looks good - we have 2 walls to go. Then we get to start on the kid area. :lol:

I also played with the kids a bit.

Kaylee was practicing her jump technique, using her mama as a springboard. She's almost got it...

Ooops! Kaylee fall down, go boom! :snicker: No worries, she was fine:

You can see we have some upper-class goats, here. No hicks, no siree! :snicker:

OK, Firefly fans - this is for you:

Please compare Jayne to his namesake (points to icon) - isn't the resemblance uncanny? :lol:

You see a goat in a cunning hat like that walking down the street, you know he's not afraid of nuthin'.....:lol:

Today, well...I had no more excuses. My stick blender arrived Friday...so we ran to the store Saturday for oils and soap equipment. There was 1 minor problem - the bowl I bought from Wallyworld wasn't quite big enough for the receipe, but Sweet Geek had to run to the office this AM, so we bought a bigger one from the outlet store (and, Aubrey - the outlet store had the KA stick blenders for $35! I think I need to run back over there on payday!)

There it is - everything you need for soap. The plastic container has my frozen goats milk in it; the rest of the oils were the cheap ones from Wallyworld. The Lye isn't Red Devil - Ace didn't carry it - but it's 100% Lye. It was $3.49/bottle; not bad, but if I were doing big batches it'd be too pricey.

This is the melted oils. Coconut oil is a solid, so it had to be melted down, the rest were already fluid. I think the temp hit 115*, but the thermometer I used is kinda crappy. I need to get a couple of better ones, I think. I weighed them out, then put the whole thing in the microwave to melt them.

This is the goats milk/Lye mix. The milk was slushy - in fact, there were some big frozen chunks in it when I started to SLOWLY add the lye. I mixed it while pouring and took my time. It still turned yellow, but at least it didn't turn orange - that would mean I had burnt the milk. The pitcher heated up to about 125*, and the smell! Ammonia! :ick: (The dairy goat forum said this was normal - Aubrey? Is that right?)

While waiting for both mixes to cool down, I got the mold prepared. The box came with the soapmaking kit I bought - I didn't use the kit, though. Since Aubrey was nice enough to give me a receipe, I used it with the mold. I was more comfortable with her instructions, anyway.

Once both containers had cooled down to around 100* (I know, Aubrey - you said 90*, but my thermometers don't go that low!), I poured the lye mix into the oils while stirring with my stick blender. It took longer than 4 minutes to trace - and my blender got very, very hot. I think I need to upgrade already....it's what I get for hitting eBay!. :lol: It took about 10 - 15 minutes to get to the pudding stage - and I added Lavender EO to the batter when it looked/felt like pancakes. When it got to the point that I could see the shape of the blender when I pulled it out, I poured it into the mold, covered it with plastic wrap, and plopped the whole thing into a styrofoam cooler. I'll leave it there a couple of days to harden.

It looks like soap, and it smells like soap, so.......unless someone tells me it looks wrong, I'm going to assume I made soap. :grin:

Now....I did a few things wrong. I couldn't find my rubber gloves, so I forged ahead without (Someone has borrowed my gloves - probably Herself - and didn't return them. She can't find them.....). I do NOT recommend this! I do have experience dealing with toxic stuff - I have dyed fiber a lot, so I know how to be careful, and how to pour things without splashing, but I DO NOT CONDONE THIS, and I will NOT do this without gloves again! (I had already gotten the milk to the slushy stage, and didn't want to take the time to run to the store. STUPID - it could have been horrible. Lye WILL eat your skin - it's dangerous. I can't emphasize that enough - use precaution! I will NOT make soap again until I buy another set of gloves!) I added the lye to the oils at about 100* - Aubrey recommended 90*. I'm thinking that might be why it took longer to reach trace. I did this while tired - I won't do that again. Mistakes happen - especially when you're as tired as I am. I was lucky......:sigh:

All that being said, it wasn't hard, and it wasn't as bad as I had feared. The soap is more yellow than I really wanted, but I can live with that. Next time, I'll add the lye when the milk is more frozen than it was this time. I won't heat the oils for as long next time - I'll aim for 90*.

Clean up - I hadn't asked Aubrey how to clean up the lye containers.....one of my books recommended vinegar, so when I had emptied the measuring cup I sloshed in about a cup of vinegar, then added water to it. All the utensils that had contact with the mix got dunked in the cup, then I rinsed everything out really, really well before putting the things in the dishwasher. The mixing bowl was full of soft soap, so I used it to clean it. :lol: Ditto the stick blender. We'll see how it works....

I'm off to milk, rustle up dinner, and go to sleep. I am one tired fiberaddict!

Oh - Ali, I got your sample! I'll play with it sometime this week when I can actually think about what I'm doing!
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Date:April 12th, 2010 11:27 am (UTC)


Verna - you did everything perfectly! And you hit on the mail reason I don't make GM soap - the smell! LOL Don't wait too long to cut it up, and don't use a knife if can help it. A flat-edged pastry board scraper is what I use - a knife can slip badly, so be careful. Yellowish is the name of the game - I think you did fine.

And what outlet store??? Buy me 2 - I'll send you the money, and pick them up this summer! Your time for trace wasn't that bad, but you need the higher wattage of the KA stick. One of the reasons I use palm oil in the mix is that it brings everything into trace faster (every oil has a different property in soap - mix and match to get what you want!).

Hugs, Aubrey
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Date:April 13th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
I keep my vinegar open nearby just in case of spillage or splash so that I can douse it as quickly as possible.
(spin a yarn)
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