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Previous Entry Houston, we have... Apr. 13th, 2010 @ 08:33 am Next Entry
spin a yarn
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Date:April 14th, 2010 12:56 pm (UTC)

Re: Soap

I'm not sure. Lye was $3.99/lb, and I used about half, so call it $2; oil.....that's a hard one. Let's see: Coconut Oil $5.28/2 pounds (I think), Vegetable Oil $2.34/3 pounds, Olive Oil $4.98/25 oz. (The pounds are estimates - I honestly don't know, and I can't read my photo. :lol:)

I used about half of one bottle of lye ($2), the full bottle of Olive Oil ($4.98), about half of the coconut oil (maybe a third?)($2.64 for half), and about half of the veggie oil ($1.17). So.... for the oils and lye it was $10.79. I can't calculate the milk - I'm swimming in it! - but if I use storebought as an example, it would be about $2 or so (because you only need a little over a pound, which is about a pint).

So...call it approx. $13 for a 5 pound batch. I've priced oils, and can get them cheaper than at Wallyworld if I go bigger (found a place local that I can get almost wholesale prices on them), which would lower the costs......

What does Ivory soap go for right now? $2/bar? If so, you'd come out cheaper making it - UNLESS you factor in your time, and the pro-rated costs of the equipment (stick blender/dedicated pitcher/bowl/spoon/thermometers/molds).

My deal is that I have more milk than I have fridge space to store it right now (with only 2.5 goats online! :blink:) I don't want to waste the milk - so, soap and cheese and icecream it is! (But there's only so much space for cheese and icecream....soap is easier to store.)

Plus, I know what's in this, and I can pronounce every ingredient. :lol: I haven't bought soap in years - I've been doing melt-n-pour soaps for at least 4 years, because Himself is allergic to something in most commercial soaps. :sigh: I'd rather make my own than pay shipping.....

Oh! Shampoo bars last LONGER than bottled shampoo, and - for my hair - do a better job. I haven't needed to use vinegar as a rinse; some people do, my hair is fine without it. I know my Lush bars last at least 3 months (and they're small!)....so....And again, if I make my own, I know what's in it. I'm looking at oils that have conditioning properties to make my own now. We'll see how it works....

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(spin a yarn)
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