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It's Thursday...

and all the baby goats have been disbudded. I didn't mention River and Hobbes - they got done Saturday - because, didn't go so well. :sigh: Hobbes went fine - he's a little fella, and was easy to hold still, so we got him done and comforted and everything was peachy-keen. Then I grabbed River.

She's a strong girl, larger than her twin. Got her in the holding box, I got a grip on her neck and nose, and we began...and the little shit jerked. The iron slipped...and missed her eye by millimeters. :shudder: Fortunately, I had my eyes open - I usually don't, as the smoke from the hair goes right at the person holding the goat - so I yelled at Sweet Geek and he was able to replace it where it belonged.

River's FINE, but she has a figure-8 burn on the left side of her head now. The hair's growing back....but man-oh-man was that a sickening feeling. :shudder:

Anyway...Jayne is HUGE. You don't understand the meaning of huge.....Calvin is 1 month old. Jayne is 10 days old. JAYNE IS BIGGER THAN CALVIN (and Calvin is, according to our mentors, BIG. They've raised Nubians for years, so when they say he's big, I believe them). No joke, no exaggeration - he's HUGE. He barely fit in the holding box - which is sized for "kids up to 4 weeks old". Ummmmm...not really. We couldn't close the lid, so Sweet Geek had to do it squatting over him (you put the goat in the box, close the lid, and sit on it to hold the body steady. Person #2 sits in front, stretching the neck and holding the nose down on the block to keep the head as still as possible.). We had to sorta "mush" him in - he was almost too wide for the box. :blink: He's not as strong as River, though, so it went off pretty much without a hitch - he jerked at the count of 8, so he has a slight scorch next to the horn bud, but we got a copper ring (which means we did it right) and the buds look dead.

Glad that's over for the year!

I found *2* places close to us that sell bulk soap making supplies. We're going to one tomorrow on the way home - they are a small company, but their prices are a bit cheaper than the "wholesale pricing" place. I want to try shampoo bars this weekend, and another batch of soap. (Addictive? No...why would you ask that? I have.....a Lot of milk that needs to be used. Cheesemaking is also on the schedule. So....:lol:)

Anna posted about tzit-tzit yesterday....I've got a lot of thinking (and praying) to do.

We went to Half Price yesterday (LOVE that store - love it! Books at half or better off - what could be more fun??). I didn't score any fantastic books for me - I just got a book on Kosher Eating - but I got 2 awesome origami books for Himself ("Galaxy of Paper" or something - Space stuff, in origami! and some kit on Paper Fighter Planes by...a Nobel prize-winner, or something. AWESOME kit - someone had hidden it, but...sorry, dude - I found it. And at $4, I couldn't leave it there!) and a book on Crochet techniques for Herself.

My book makes me a little.....angrily confused, if that makes sense. The list of unclean animals is good - dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc; they don't chew the cud AND have cloven hooves. says that clean animals you *hunted* is unclean (which...Torah does NOT say) because hunting is inhumane. :huh?: If I remember right, King David hunted deer, and ATE it, and it was OK. So.....I'm only in Chapter 1 and I'm already shaking my head at it (it also goes back to the "no dairy and meat at the same meal, because you can't "boil a kid in it's mother's milk". matter how I try to twist the verses they quote, I can't get from "Don't BOIL" to "Don't eat cheese on your hamburger".'s a fence, and I understand that, but there's this pesky little verse in the Torah that says "Do not ADD TO or Take Away from"...and this? Is adding to. :sigh:)

We used my soap today - it was nice. Soap-y. Sweet Geek wants more I need to figure that out (or just let the bars cure more. I mean....this one was still a little soft) - *I* was happy with it, but.....:men:

Our water softener went out - again. I think it's almost time to repair/replace it. :sigh:

Think that's it.....
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