Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy weekend...

I know I always say that...and it's true, our weekends ARE busy. This weekend, however, takes "busy" to a whole new level.

Let's see.....I know, let's do a list!

Saturday, we:

did 2 loads of laundry
mowed front and back yards
totally scraped down the goat barn to the bare ground, limed the dickens out of it, and rebedded
fixed the 2 holes in the barn skylight
paneled the 3rd wall in the milkroom
made a 1 pound batch of coffee soap


Today, we didn't do as much...

started a pot of chili
paneled the other side of the 3rd wall to about halfway up
built a door for the milkroom
made a 2 pound batch of shampoo bars
and I took a nap. I was tired.

The barn was a necessity - I could smell the goat pee, and it stunk. It was attracting it HAD to be cleaned. The lime (for those not from ag backgrounds) drys out wet areas, and deoderizes. It comes in 50 pound bags, and has a list of cautions on it that covers the whole back. It's not as dangerous as they all my years of horse-ownership, I've never seen anyone take all the precautions they advise. (Use your own judgement, though. It IS a dangerous chemical!). You do need to make sure you don't breathe a lot in, and you need to be very careful that you cover it all up - it can burn delicate skin.

We still need to milk, and I have some (crappy cell phone) photos to upload. Goat TV at it's finest...:lol:
Tags: blather

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