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Previous Entry Pictures! Apr. 19th, 2010 @ 08:35 am Next Entry
Allrighty, then - I have photos of our weekend.

It was a dark and stormy - wait, that's not quite right. It was a cloudy and wanting-to-storm weekend. We had worked all morning, took a quick (late) lunch break, then started on the milkroom around 3-ish on Saturday. All of a sudden, the children (who were outside raking the backyard) starting whooping and hollering - Sweet Geek looked out the window and almost lost it. Fortunately, I had my phone...which has a camera.

This is the culprit. She was in a WILD mood (and still is. :lol:) Here she is, looking all innocent-like. Just wait.....Goat TV is hysterical!

If you look close, you'll see Kaylee.....ON LaDue's back. Don't believe me? Here:

She did this OVER and OVER and OVER. It was absolutely HYSTERICAL. She'd jump - sometimes she'd miss, and fall, other times she'd overshoot and leapfrog over LaDue. And, sometimes, this would happen - she'd end up standing on Mama's back. :lol:

Switching gears.....here's a few better pictures of Inara:

This is from the phone, so it's not the greatest - and you can see that Calvin HAD to be in the shot. :silly goat:

I brought my camera out on Sunday, and got a few better ones of her:

She was cold - the other goats wouldn't let her in the barn - so I put one of the sweaters on her. She has a very loudly-colored face - and her body is just as colorful. She is the sweetest thing - but a little shy. She'll get over that soon. :grin:

And, proof that we were busy:

"Coffee" soap. We hit the soap-supply place Friday evening and I got a bunch of oils. Saturday AM I couldn't wait to try them out - this is the basic recipe, only I substituted coffee for the goat's milk. The SMELL! :ick: But, it worked much better - I think because I didn't heat up all the oils this time, just the coconut. It traced within *minutes* - I added 2 oz of goat's milk (and it became "iced coffee" soap), then poured. It hardened up within 4 hours....and it lathers nicely. Sweet Geek likes it.

Shampoo bars. I did a 1 pound batch of the coffee and found out my smaller mold will hold more. This is a 2 pound batch - I used a blend of 5 oils, and scented with Frankensence & Myrrh and Lavendar. It smells fantastic - I don't need a new bar yet, so I'll let it cure until I do. Can't wait to try it!

This is the front corner of the milk room. This is the 3rd wall....only 1 to go (on the inside of the milk room, anyway...)

Here's the doorway. You can see my milk record on the wall there - I need to add a rubber-band to the clipboard to keep the paper from drooping (whoever designed this clipboard obviously never used one. :sigh:) It's hanging upside down here - but it doesn't stay. And the sheet ends up flopping down.

This is the other side of the same wall. You can see the entry door there - I was standing inside the kidding pen. No, we didn't finish - we ran out of time! That's on the schedule for next weekend.....

And, this is why we didn't finish the wall. I went to take a nap, so Sweet Geek decided to devote that time to this - a door. We needed one - when you go to put the bottle-babies up after feeding, the does stampede the gate and sometimes get out.....they run into the milk room and attack the feed (we pre-mix the feed before milking, so we can put the milkers up and feed everybody all at once.) With the door, there's nowhere for them to go except *back* into the main area. I wanted a half door, to keep it from feeling so closed in. If we were going for a Grade A dairy, this wouldn't fly - but then again, neither would our panelling; we'd have to actually *buy* the white laminate stuff. And put a drain in the floor.

Wow - that was pretty picture-intensive! I'm going to try to write up my soap recipes soon, so I have them in one place. :grin:
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