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You know how yesterday..

I said my kids were "off"? Yeah, well...they're REALLY off. To the point that I am GLAD I do not stay home with them - I don't think any of us would survive. :sigh:

Last night wasn't too bad...this morning? I swear my children have been possessed. Herself woke up surly, and stomped out to the garage. She was ticked that she had to wait on the rest of us....Himself was slow to start. We get to the barn - Herself busys herself with feeding the horses, then goes back to the house; Himself helped me milk while G'ma fed the babies. We get done; Himself goes in while I feed the now starving (and about to *die*!) goats.

I get in the house, and Himself informs me that Herself said something about "his a-word". OK..I'm tired. I don't *need* this...I pop off "Well, it's cute - what of it?" :bangs head: NOT the right thing to say......:sigh: He proceeds to tattle - which is NOT allowed in my house. She starts denying it.....and turns on the tears (I think that's an Aspie thing - she doesn't get social things, she's seen some li'l girl cry and get comforted, so, Hey! Tears!). And I haven't DONE anything. :bangs head: I tell her, fine - DON'T Say things like that! which, again, she denys that she's done, and cries, and I'm thinking - hey, I didn't yell, I didn't use my stern-parent voice...what the hell is going on here?

I tell Himself to stop it - and HE starts crying. WTH???? I quit....I had to get dressed for work (lunch today at the :sniff: Petroleum Club :sniff:) and did NOT have time for this.

This is NOT typical of my mornings, and it's NOT typical of my children. Sniping at each other? Yeah. Tattling? Not so much. Crying over NOTHING? Not at all.

Something's going on.....and it's going to be big. I don't know if Katia is going to blow, causing an earthquake, or if a quake is going to set off Katia, needs to blow soon so I can regain what little sanity I have left. It's got my family on edge......

Oh, and to top everything off? We are taking Herself to a new (hopefully better) doctor on Friday. Her current one? Sucks. Sucks to the point I want to report her - I haven't liked her since day 1, when she told us that she "doesn't talk to the patient, she'd rather talk to the owners" :smash:......all she does is write prescriptions. I get that she's "med management" - so is the new doctor (the receptionist was APPALLED when I asked if the doc talked to the patient or the "owners"....which justifies my feelings about Dr. McSuckypants)...but Dr. McSP CHARGES me $15 to write a 'script - without seeing Herself. AND doesn't mail it out, AND doesn't get to it timely. (Example? This refill. G'ma called it in LAST WEEK, like SHE usually does. (On Monday, I think). FRIDAY, they call and tell her that SHE is not authorized to call in refills. Wha???? So, on Monday this week, *I* call in. (7 days, people - today is Herself's LAST pill.) The office manager tells me they'll get right on it, but I'll have to pick it up, and they'll call me when it's ready. No shit, Sherlock.....only - today is Wednesday. They haven't called to tell me it's ready...SHE TOOK HER LAST PILL TODAY. :bangs head: (Fortunately, I have her former prescription. It doesn't work as well, but it keeps her stable-ish. Still....)

:sigh: I feel better now.....
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