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Weekend woes... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Weekend woes...

Previous Entry Weekend woes... Apr. 25th, 2010 @ 06:40 pm Next Entry
So, this was the weekend. For once, it wasn't busy - for me, anyway. For Sweet Geek, now....:lol:

I woke up Saturday with an achy wrist AND elbow. This isn't normal - the wrist, maybe - although not lately; the elbow hasn't hurt since the stitches came out last year. So Sweet Geek told me to take it easy - he had stuff he wanted to do that didn't involve help.

Let's see.....on Saturday he fixed the door to the milk room (it had fallen a little bit, so he put supports in), he fixed the water faucet outside the bedroom, and he started working on goat playground equipment. Me? I took a nap, I did laundry, and I planted 2 trees. Well, the Kubota dug the holes and Sweet Geek put the trees in them, but still. :grin:

Today? We were supposed to tear down a barn...we got there and looked at it, and we weren't going to be able to use the tin - the pieces were too short. *IF* we could have taken it apart in sections, it would have worked, but taking it apart piece-by-piece wouldn't. :sigh: Ah, well. We finished the playground equipment, and Sweet Geek put water in the barn. :huzzah: I hit my head on the cabinet in the milk room.....not so fun.

I wanted to make soap - I pulled out the oil from the kit I bought, and stuck it in a pot of water to warm up. I took a bath...and the plastic bag *melted* in the pot. :sigh: So...no soap this weekend. Ah, well.....I'll do some more next weekend. Maybe.

I figured out the video function on my camera - soon as I figure out YouTube, I'll post some vids of the goats playing on the new equipment. Fun stuff - you can see why we call it "goat TV". :snicker:
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