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Let's see if this works.....


Previous Entry Let's see if this works..... Apr. 26th, 2010 @ 07:11 am Next Entry
Let me give a quick run-down of the cast: Gray fuzzy short-eared goat is Kaylee (the first goat you see in video #1); the white one that plays with her is her twin, Saffron. The brown/gray Nubian-looking goat is Jayne (first goat in video #2)- he's *20* days old here! The brown buckling is Calvin, the multi-colored one is Inara. The reddish buckling is Hobbes, his sister (the reddish/white one) is River. The does didn't bug me too much - the Nubian with white back feet is Annie, the other is Mocha. The black with gray ears is LaDue, the yellow is Sunny, and the black sorta-Nubian is Zorra. So, now that you know the "who", let's watch!

This is a video of our kids playing with Sweet Geek.....it was very windy, so there's a lot of noise.

OK..that worked...let's see if I can do it again.....

This is Herself and Calvin playing. She wanted to get in on the video action.....:grin:

And, since I'm on a roll, here.....here's the last one I took:

*THIS* is the type of thing we watch *every* evening.....Goat TV at it's finest! And - this isn't the funniest part. Had I had my camera with me earlier, I'd have gotten even funnier stuff - the new playground is a hit!

(Herself says I need to figure out how to add music...I think I'll pass. This was enough fun!)
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