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Let's see.....Oh! I love my husband, I really do, but sometimes he drives me NUTS. Seriously.

See, I wanted dairy goats, but I couldn't figure out where to put them. I knew I wanted Nubians (Love the Ears!), but Nubians are wusses - they melt in rain. :nods: So....I needed a barn. I can't build a barn. I shelved the idea, figuring the Lord would provide.

He did. Sweet Geek got the *need* to make cheese. An obsession, if you will. So, he built a barn, and we got my Nubians. But Sweet Geek isn't happy.......he loves the goats, don't get me wrong, but......they're not "good enough".

Now? Now he's decided we NEED Alpines. Not many - just 3. A buckling, a doe-in-milk, and a doeling. :nods: It's to the point he's got a list of people to call to try and locate our 3 "perfect" goats. :rolls eyes:

For those keeping count, this means we will have *4* bucks. 4 stinky, nasty bucks in rut all at the same time. (See, you can't breed a Nubian to an's just...just....Not Done, OK? :snicker:) The buck barn (which we will begin building *next* weekend - this weekend is clean out the garage weekend) now has to be a bit larger than anticipated. We *have* to get it done - we have to move the bucklings out by the time they're 3 months old, or we might get some oops babies. Not a good thing...

Not to worry, though - he's become a first-class scrounger! (This is surprising. You wouldn't think it to look at him). The warehouse at his work is moving, and they are getting rid of a lot of stuff. The pallets, we've been using. Yesterday? He came home with 5 8' 2x4s, more pallets, and a brand-spanking new roll of 4' tall chain-link fencing. Our bucks will be enclosed in Style, I'm telling ya! (There's 2 fences they will be taking down that we will be getting. 1 7' tall, the other 6'. So....yeah, our bucks will be well-contained. :nods:) There's also 2 large cooling fans he's asked about - not sure they'll be getting rid of those; if so, I'll spring for a solar-conversion kit so our barn will be cooler. (Hey, these are HUGE industrial fans. I don't mind paying $200 or so for the stuff to run it off of solar power, if the fan was free. And the fencing. And the STILL comes out cheaper!)

(I have told him this is IT on the goat front. Yes, we need 20.....we don't need another breed.)

Goats: We have an eye issue going on. Don't know if it's pinkeye - might be, but don't know where they'd have gotten it from. Zorra and Mocha each have 1 eye that's gooped up. I've been treating it with saline drops and Neosporin...not much else I can do. I'm going to try and get some Gentimyican...but it's basically the same stuff as Neosporin. :sigh: If it's not 1 thing it's a herd!

Saffron is a PIG. I've caught her noshing off of: LaDue (her mother), Zorra, Mocha, AND Annie. No wonder the numbers have been down! Tonight, we're going to put Annie and Mocha in the "baby" room to make sure *we* get all the milk. Silly baby goat! :lol:

Started Annie on Molly's Herbal's "Mo' Milk" supplement this weekend. She was up 4 oz this AM; some of it is because Saffy was on Mocha - but we'll see. I'd like to get her up to a consistant 2+ pounds per milking. Mocha doesn't like it - it smells like Pizza Seasoning - and refused to eat last night (the first night I added it to her feed). Think I might start small with her - with Annie I put in the full Tablespoon and she never balked. :thinking:

Lots to do catch ya later!
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