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Is it Friday yet? - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Is it Friday yet? Apr. 29th, 2010 @ 08:36 am Next Entry
No. Darn........

Goats: It's DEFINATELY pinkeye. LaDue's right eye was cloudy last night, and so was Annie's. I mixed up some vinegar water and sprayed *everyone* in the face - this AM Annie's eyes were *clear*. (Couldn't catch Dewey to check her). I zapped everyone again - and will keep it up for at least a week.

Annie and Mocha both got 5cc's of Forified B-Complex last night, to boost the immune systems. Giving shots to goats is a LOT easier, in most respects, than giving shots to horses. Their hides aren't as thick, for 1. They don't stand still like horses do, though...

I bought $80 worth of meds from the feed store last night, and $60 from Jeffers (w/overnight shipping. Which was only $5 more than the required 2-day shipping. Go figure..). Granted, not ALL of it is for this ($57 from the feed store was Valbazan wormer, which I need to give to the kids for tape worms. Then everybody will get Cydectin (at $90/bottle - :yikes:) for the other types of bugs we have down here. :sigh: (Need to get Cydectin...the price is the holdout.)

Bank: Had problems with my debit card yesterday. It was declined 3x. WTH? Went to the bank; at first was told it was because it was "old" and getting worn out - here, we'll order ya a new one. 'K.....my bank is in the grocery store, so I bought a spray bottle and Neosporin...and was declined *again*. :humph: Went back - there was a line, so I went to the ATM....and it told me I was "not authorized to use this card". WTH?????

Turns out that they restricted my card because I renewed my website yesterday. The charge came thru as "International"...and it flagged it. I am impressed with my (little bitty) bank - even though it was an embarrassing inconvience to me, still....they're on the ball!

Wonder if it'll happen again when I renew my domain name? :grin: (All this over $44. :snerk:)

Goats, redux: We're supposed to go look at Alpines this weekend. Oi vey! What have I gotten myself into? :lol:
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