Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Friday Round-up

Let's see....the weather here has bee WEIRD. 43* yesterday AM; 71* this AM. And it looks like the sky is about to explode - it's dark, and dreary (can you say "humid"? I knew you could!) and Thunder-Boomers are predicted.

And the bugs! I forgot to mention it yesterday, but there's a 1 mile stretch of highway that is Bug Death. Yesterday I got splatted by about 75 unidentified bugs (I'm sorry, but I can't ID the splats. Smaller than Grasshoppers but bigger (and LOUDER) than 'skeeters.) - today it was about the same. :shudder: All in a 1 mile or so zone. :shudder:

Goats: Eyes are starting to look better. A little. The vinegar/water seems to be working - I do Annie and Mocha on the stands, then feed everybody else. While they're chowing down, I spritz everybody's heads - they HATE it, but won't leave the feed trough, so I call it a win/win. :lol: Mocha can apparantly see shadows now, which is a big improvement. Annie's eye is not nearly as cloudy......this is a good thing!

Gave the other does a B-complex shot yesterday. Need to worm Calvin and Inara, but will wait because....

My darling, lovable, oh-so-sweet-and-thoughtful husband has arranged for us to go look at (and, of course, bring HOME) 3 Alpines tomorrow. 1 2 year old FF (Neg. CAE) (giving about a gallon/day), 1 3 month old doeling, and 1 3 month old buckling. This makes *15* goats, now...:rolls eyes: Yes, we need 20 for the Ag Exemption...but I didn't think we needed all 20 THIS YEAR. (Apparantly I was wrong - we DO need them this year.....the sooner the better. He told me this AM he wants to round out the number with more Cashmeres. Oi!) And we still don't have a buck barn - Shit. I don't know WHERE the buckling's gonna go! Um...guess we'll be setting up the round pen........shitshitshit. :sigh: Calvin can go in with him......

If you're thinking about getting goats, PLEASE go to and read all of the "Goatkeeping 101" Articles. FULL of info, and it'll help you get off on the right foot. I spent a few hours yesterday printing off most of the articles - I have found myself searching the site so much lately that it just made sense. TONS of good info - and a lot of the "cures" are from stuff around the house. (Like the vinegar water for pinkeye. Cheaper than calling the vet out!)

Not much else to report......
Tags: blather, goats

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