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Rainy days...

yup. Rained again last night. We're gonna grow flippers pretty soon, I think. :lol:

Goats: Ran the Porta SCC on each of Rosa's teats yesterday. *Both* of them registered in the 3,000 range - which is *high* (especially since you multiply the number by 1,000...). Now, I don't know that she has mastitis - according to DGI, this could be normal for *her* (Annie and Mocha come in at under 1,000 each, for reference). Her milk is white, just like thiers, it doesn't smell off, there's no lumps or strings....but she's got a...something in her udder.

It feels like she's smuggling a Palm Pilot in there. :giggle: Here's the deal: I've never dealt with mastitis before. I don't KNOW that this is a mastitis "lump" (I...wouldn't call this a lump, precisely - it's a square-ish feeling hard area.) - granted, the Nubians don't have this - I think. See, it's an udder-thing again - their udders are compact, Rosa's are more...not droopy. (Trying to describe in words...:arrrrgh:) OK. Annie's udder is like a small bowl - perfectly round, held up tight against her body. Rosa's udder is more like the bottom of a ballon - you know, how a balloon is still round-ish, but the bottom is sorta more oval-ish? Yeah - her's is more oval-ish. Still compact - her teats are above her knees, but they "dangle" compared to Annie's and Mocha's.

I'm wondering if the thing I feel is normal, but I can't feel it in the Nubians because of the shape. :sigh: Yes, I'm obsessing over udders. IF it's mastitis, it *could* be a staph infection - and I do NOT want anyone drinking staph-infected milk.

To make things worse, she's giving almost a gallon a day - the thought of having to discard that much milk makes me ill. :sigh:

I'm going to call LSU today to see what I need to do to get it checked. (They do the standard test free; if I want a sensitivity check it'll cost - but it's worth it, because then I'd know what meds to use to knock it out.) I'm hoping I'm just paranoid - but I'd rather be paranoid without cause than to not worry at all. (And, for safety's sake I'm not feeding Rosa's milk to the bottle-babies - don't want to introduce staph to Inara. Of course, it's moot - Saffron's been noshing on her. :rolls eyes: Little snot noshes on *everybody*)

Ali posted a link to a site that shows how to copper bolus without gel caps - you use marshmallows. THANK YOU! I think we have a copper deficiency here, and need to bolus, but really didn't feel comfortable "pilling" my goats. This? Looks doable!

Kids: Herself had a doc. appt yesterday - but it got cancelled because the Hospital had a power outage. Still trying to get ahold of them to reschedule.

Vet: Hasn't called back. Bullseye...well, I think it's time, and I hate it, but it needs to be done (he's had diarreha for a while now - I wasn't worried as he's still in that round, roly-poly pony shape, he was eating well, and acted like an old pony. Only Sunday? Bright red blood. :sigh: I can't ignore that - and I can't fix it, either. So.....he was about 10 when we bought him 11 years ago - and he's had a cushy life with us.). And I need some RX vet'll sell them to me, but he needs to know *what* I need. Which means he needs to CALL. :sigh: The kids were informed last night about Bullseye..they took it well. We'll see how it goes when the vet actually comes out.

Random: Sears (HATE them!) is supposed to be out tomorrow to fix the water softener - only we have no idea what time they're coming. Kinda hard to plan your day when you don't have a window......I can't live without the softener, though, and Sears is the only one that'll work on a Kenmore softener, so I'm kinda stuck. :sigh:
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