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About Wednesday Woes...

Previous Entry Wednesday Woes... May. 5th, 2010 @ 08:34 am Next Entry
2 posts today - this one's the blather one. :sigh:

Goats: Rosa's milk ran thru the filter last night and this AM just fine. :bangs head: Figures - I have all the info for LSU! Speaking of:

If you need to send in a milk sample for a mastitis test, here's how it goes (since I couldn't find any specifics online, I'll save you the search!).

Get some specimin tubes - PBS Animal Health (I think that's their name), carries them. I went to the vet downstairs and asked - they gave me 4 free (I did offer to pay!). At the next milking, clean and strip as normal, and start milking. About mid-way thru the udder, squirt a stream into the tube (we filled it up) and cap it, then do the same for the other side. It's hot here right now, so I was told to FREEZE the samples - I don't see why you couldn't do that in Winter, too. (You can call and double-check - the number is 318/927-9654)

Get a solid styrofoam mailing box and several freezer packs, pack the samples up, and send them OVERNIGHT. There's 2 addresses - for UPS and FedEx, use:

LSU Ag Center
Hill Farm Research Station, Mastitis Lab
3380 Hwy 79
Homer, LA 71040


11959 Hwy 9
Homer, LA 71040

Now, I don't have a styrofoam mailer, so I used the insulated bag I got from Jeffers. 1 Ice pack (also from Jeffers - I save everything!) and 2 of my brine-filled bottles.(The bottles added to the weight, but I want to make sure the samples stay good)

The testing is Free - what'll kill you is the postage. For my samples, it was 4.5 pounds....$26.40 in postage. (I enclosed a return label and postage, because I want my bag back - Parcel Post was only $8.60. Don't need to return it Express Mail!)

Do NOT send in after Wednesday - the lab is closed Sat and Sun, and if someone screws up and it takes 2 days..well....:grin:

Include contact info so that they can get you the results.

Kids: Not taking today very well. :sigh:

Me: Hangin' in there.
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