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since yesterday, I've walked almost 2 miles, on top of my normal strolling around. My next-door neighbor (the man who actually owns the property, not the guy who lives there) told me to toss my horses over in his pasture, because "there's lotsa good grass there, and you won't haveta feed 'em as much. Ain't doin me no good, so, you oughter use it. Go on, let 'em eat. You don't haveta worry none.." and on and on for a good 10 minutes.

I guess I have mastered the unconsious "poor widow" look........not that I mind - my 2 paddocks are mud, and they gulp down the hay faster than I can get it delivered. So, I'll be tossing them over there sometime this week. If they'll let me catch them, that is......

Himself had a horrid asthma attack last night. He ended up sleeping with me all night, because I was afraid for him. You know it's bad when he comes up to me and *begs* for a treatment. *sigh* Fortunately, the babysitter at church is a retired RN - I had no qualms with leaving him with her this AM. He had to have 2 hits on both his inhalers this AM...and I need to give him another one tonight. Right now, he seems stable...let's hope he stays that way - we haven't met our deductible yet for 2005!

I've got a head cold...I sound like a dying crow. Fun stuff.....blech. I'll be popping benedryl tonight to try and shake my voice loose. I couldn't sing in church htis AM, but Herself did...and they want her in the choir. (Not that we're desperate or anything...she has a pretty nice voice. Especially for a 7.5 year old)

Wove a good inch today....didn't hurt too bad. Must go weave some more! It's slow going, because it's a windowpane plaid....I keep having to stop and change shuttles. The next dishtowel will be single color weft, I make it go faster. I'm tired of this warp, and want to move on to something "meatier". Different from a simple twill....must think on this. I only have 400 or so heddles, so I have to take that into account in my warp plan. More heddles are on my list! (And a few more reeds, and more texsolv, and and and and...)

Off to slather Emu oil/MSM cream on my arm. The tendon seems to be healing nicely, but it still aches if I stretch it too much. Then, I guess..instead of weaving, I'll sit and watch the end of Star Wars with the kids. For the umpteenth time this weekend. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Himself was possessed....he is just like his Daddy in his SW geekiness! Even my in-laws commented on it yesterday. *g* (And can you guess what this year's birthday party theme will be? And where he'll be May 19th? (We're hoping school is out...otherwise, I'll be at the theater, and I'll take the kids the next weekend. While I don't mind skipping work, I will not encourage that in my children. Education is important.....slightly more important than seeing Episode 3. Marginally......*eg*)
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