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Happy Mother's Day!


Previous Entry Happy Mother's Day! May. 9th, 2010 @ 06:46 pm Next Entry
Mine was good.....Sweet Geek ordered me to stay inside during AM milking..that lasted until he got to Annie. :snicker: She's MY goat, apparently, and refused to let him milk her. She was quite happy to see me. :snicker:

Himself cooked me breakfast, and gave me a small bouquet of origami flowers. Herself made me (in school) a ceramic firebird potpourri holder - I have pics, just need to upload 'em. It's very very cool - and all from her head! Both kids then went outdoors and picked me a ton of flowers - my table is covered, and we are out of vases. :lol:

Sweet Geek took us to lunch, and I tried to nap. :sigh: Haven't slept since Thursday evening, unless you count the 2 hour nap I took yesterday (instead of eating, I napped. I never learn!). Tonight I take something - I need my sleep!

Calvin, Annie, and Mocha got tattoo'd today. Fun stuff......

Yesterday I made 2 batches of soap - another coffee, this one scented with Orange Blossom-Chili Pepper. The CP disappeared, so we have Orange Fudge soap (the coffee smell got eaten by the lye. Oh, well.....) I also made another goat's milk - this one scented with Plumera. :mmmmmmmm:

I discovered that if I use the GM when the outside is slushy but the inside is still frozen, I don't get dark tan soap, and the lye never heats up over 120* - makes for faster soaping. The lye *will* melt the center, but it spends so much heat doing that it doesn't over-heat. I need to remember that.

Let's see.....oh! Friday we took Mocha to the vet. :shudder: Yup, it's Pinkeye (duh!), he gave her a shot of Duramycin 200 (it has a sting carrier.....but I ended up buying a bottle since Jeffers is out of Biomycin 200, which DOESN'T sting. :sigh:), a shot of something else IN each eye :shudder:, and some eye salve. We came home and gave everybody with cloudy eyes a shot of the Duramycin.....the milk has to be discarded until Monday. :sigh: We're also using the salve on all cloudy eyes 2x day. Fun stuff.....hope it clears up soon.

LSU got the samples Friday AM..I hope to hear from them tomorrow or Tuesday. I'd like to know WHAT I'm dealing with here - and if Rosa is a dud or not.

Sweet Geek's making dinner - smells good! :grin: It's GOOD to be the Mother! :snicker:
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Date:May 10th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
I always wondered if you could use the milk that has to be discarded to make soap?
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Date:May 10th, 2010 12:18 pm (UTC)
Yes! The lye "eats" everything - the only milk *I* wouldn't use would be if it was discarded because of Penicillan use. I'm highly allergic, and - even though the lye should destroy any residue - I don't want to risk it.

Mastitis milk, other drug milk - yup. Good way to not waste it!
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