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*That* was fun...

the Benedryl backfired - I am *exhausted*, but could NOT turn off my brain last night. So...while the med made me sleepy, I couldn't sleep. This is gonna be a FUN day! :sigh:

Goats are doing fine this AM - you wouldn't know we'd tattoo'd them if it weren't for the green ears. :grin: Calivn is ignoring his tag (they had to tag him since he was born on their property. :sigh: I do NOT want to go into the scrapies program, for many reasons.....but Sweet Geek is interested. Gotta work on that...)

The soap came out well, it just needs to cure a bit. The fudge soap is dry on top, but still sticky in the center (sounds yummy, doesn't it? :lol:) The Plumera soap is dry on all sides....but I'm going to let it set, too. Don't really need any soap right now - I just wanted to *make* soap.

Hope to hear from LSU.....
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