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Is it Friday yet?

Please? :sigh: Been awake since 3, up since 4. Was out at the barn by the time Himself came out (5:10), I had *just* finished milking the last goat. Horses had been fed, bottle babies bottled, Calvin and Goliad put back in the bache area (the gate wasn't secured last night, so they spent the night with the girls. :sigh:).......Himself helped feed the goats, then he carried 2 pails up to the house while I hayed and watered everybody. :ugh:

I'm thinking, screw the fencing to enlarge the goat pen - I *need* a milking machine! (And generator, but hey - whatever!)

My left wrist is letting me know it does NOT like milking 3 goats. Himself helped last night...but here's the deal. He can't milk Rosa. The most efficient way to handle milking is for Person 1 to start on Rosa while Person 2 feeds the horses, bottles Calvin and Inara, and milks Annie. Usually, Rosa finishes about the time Annie does; Person 1 milks Mocha while Person 2 feeds and hays and waters the goats.

Himself can't do Rosa (his hands aren't quite big or strong enough for her sausage teats), and he really didn't want to feed horses in the dark.....which means thanks, but it just makes more sense for me to do it all and let him sleep in. :sigh:

Anyway, I'm bushed...and I get to do it again tonight! :huzzah: :bleurgh:
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