Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

You KNOW you're a hick....

when a trip to a new-to-you Farm and Tractor store elicits more excitement than a trip to the book store! :snicker:

Sweet Geek got home at 1:30 yesterday; we spent the rest of the day grocery shopping. Came home to chili. Today, however....

We went to Atwoods, a not-so-local Farm store. It's about twice the size of Tractor Supply, and carries TONS more stuff - at cheaper prices. I think I just found my favorite store....picked up some OTC meds for the goats (at cheaper prices than Jeffers vet!), and an automatic barn flysprayer thingy. Which is needed, because we grow BIG flys down here!

Then we headed on North to the Ladonia Fossil Park. Basically, it's some guy's pasture, with a creek running perpendicular to the freeway. Slate bottom, FULL of small fossils. I didn't get any good photos, because the creek was running pretty fast - but we came home with about 10 pretty decent fossils. 1 oyster, 1 leaf, a bunch of shells, and a couple that look like coral. Fun stuff - but all of our shoes and feet got soaked (I...didn't think it thru. I didn't realize we'd be IN the creek. Ah, well...)

Stopped at Home Depot on the way home for a new soap mold - look, if you haven't made soap yet because of lack of molds, that's poppycock! You can use Anything as a mold - a shoebox, a baking pan, a "real" mold, or what I bought today - PVC pipe.

We bought a 2' piece of 3" PVC, a slip-on end, and a screw-on end. (Actually, that end is 3 pieces - a collar, a screw-on end, and the top. They didn't have the top I wanted, so we improvised.) We also bought a valve that will hook up to the air compressor so I can "pump" the finished soap out of the mold (or...shoot it out. Whatever works. :lol:)

I think we spent a total of $15 on it - if we'd had 3" PVC it would have been even cheaper. I'm going to make shaving soap in this - and, eventually, shampoo bars and facial soap. Round, so we know at a glance which is what.

To cut them, I'll have Sweet Geek build me a trough that's just a hair taller than the soap log, with slits in the sides every inch. Use a pastry knife, and "snick", the soap is cut nice and evenly. Or that's the plan, anyway.

The kids are cleaning the barn, Sweet Geek is mowing, the goats are roaming around browsing, and I need a nap - I didn't sleep last night. Again. :sigh:
Tags: country life, goats, kids

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