Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Well, today was......

not as productive as I wanted it to be, yet it was busy. Dropped the kids at school around 7:45, then headed out. First stop: Vet.

Vet visit went well - we yakked a bit. He's the only Real large animal vet in the area - everybody else is switching over to house pets. :sigh: I can see it - most horse people are like me - not wanting to spend a $35 house call for routine stuff. I even do most of the non-routine stuff, because vet visits are Expensive. (I didn't even call him when my filly, Erynne, sliced her leg open a few years ago. I was able to fix it myself......granted, she may not have scarred quite as much if he'd come out, but a) there wasn't enough skin left to suture b) I had the enzyme spray he'd have used, and c) it was the wrong time of the month to be able to afford him. :sigh:) He was impressed with my Goat Medicine book :lol: and told me he'd call if he needed any milk - it's better for orphans than cows milk.

I then headed to a new-to-me soap supply store. :snerk: I WON'T be going back; the salesman was slightly rude, the website has molds listed but they haven't carried them in almost a year, and the selection was very very sparse. (But the website says they have a lot.....nope.) They did have Tallow...but only in the 14 pound tubs. I...want to use tallow (instead of lard), but I want to try it first - not make a huge investment! :sigh:

I managed to glue the PVC soap mold together - it took forever to get the blasted cement and primer bottles open, but I managed. We'll see how it works - it's got a batch in it right now.

Oh - if you make a PVC mold like the one I showed you, don't expect to get 2 pounds of soap. No, not 2.....not looks like a 2', 3" circ PVC pipe will hold at least 4 pounds of soap. :sigh: I made 2 pounds of shaving soap today....and the mold is maybe half full.

And, speaking of...I've NEVER had a batch of soap hit trace the minute the lye mixture hits the oils. NEVER. I don't know if it was the Palm Kernel Oil, or the odd lye I used (the lye came with my soap kit....I've decided the ONLY thing good about that kit was the mold. And maybe the fragrance oil - but I haven't tried it yet. :sigh:) This lye was flaked, not powdered, and it turned my goats milk a very dark, dark tan. The soap didn't burn when it spilled on Himself (he was holding the mold up for me so I could pour) - thankfully! - so it should be OK. We'll see......

Gave Calvin and Inara their CD-T shots today. They get the booster in 21 days. Tomorrow I'll be worming them with Valbazan (tape worm).....once we dry off the milkers, everyone will get dosed with Ivermectin + (everything else). Goats are sure more complicated than horses!

I took photos today...I have a post planned, thanks to a comment Ali made a while back. :grin: We'll see if I get around to uploading the photos....

Picked up the kids from school.....and we've been on the go ever since.
Tags: blather, goats, soap

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