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Another Photo Post!


Previous Entry Another Photo Post! May. 21st, 2010 @ 07:42 am Next Entry
I hadn't planned on doing 2 photo posts in a row, but I couldn't help it. :grin:

Last night was the Junior High's Awards Banquet. We were told that if we got an invitation, we needed to go.

We got an invitation.

Okey-dokey, then. It was last night at 6:30. This is problematical - we finish milking around 6 PM. Granted, the HS (where the banquet was held) is just up the street from us, but still - we have to filter the milk, clean the equipment, clean the bottles - all before we can eat dinner.

And, last night, Annie stuck her foot in the bucket (flies) and got me covered in warm milk. :sigh:

Still, we made to the HS by 6:20. (Sans dinner, but hey - it's a banquet, right? Only they didn't serve food. :sigh:)

Bear in mind, we had no idea *why* we were there. Or how long we'd be there. I noticed a lot of people had little books, so I sent the kids to find us one. On the 2nd try (yeah, my kids are both "smart" :lol:), they located the box and brought me back one.

Hey, lookie - Herself is up for A/B Honor Roll! *That* is why we're here! Cool....let's see...Pledge, Pledge, Top Students, Academic Excellence Awards, Honor Roll....Oh, there we are. :grump: We're gonna be here a while....

Long story short:

Academic Excellence in English for the 7th Grade:

7th Grade A/B Honor Roll:

Excellence in Reading for the 7th Grade:

Both Excellence Awards were the ONLY ones in that category given to an A/P student in 7th Grade. :booyah!: (Sorry about the cell phone photo - didn't have time this AM to dig out the camera)

We also have a nifty yard sign.....it's in front of the garage. Not that anyone actually drives down our street to see it, but she wanted it outside. :grin:

Also, the 8th grade History teacher came in his formal kilt.....I will be calling the school in a few minutes to invite him to the TX Scottish Festival in a couple of weeks. :lol: It's the least I can do to someone brave enough to wear a kilt, in public, in our po-dunk town!

All in all, it was a good evening, even if dinner wasn't until 7:45. I'm tired, but hey - my daughter really is smart! :grin:

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