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Is it Monday already?

:sigh: Weekend was. I got hit with a migraine Saturday that knocked me out for most of the day. It started when Herself and I were trying to find decent swimsuits (don't even ASK. 4 stores. $50 EACH, for the ones we finally found that passed my modesty standards - and I'm not a prude. I just refuse to let myself or my daughter look like white trash or ho's. :sigh:)

Got home, the goats were out. Cool....only NOBODY had closed the feed room. Needless to say, they got into the chicken feed - which is Dangerous and can KILL the goats. (Why am I the only person in our household that actually, y'know, READS the stuff we have? I have 6 books on basic goat care - all *6* say the same thing. I have gobs of, why do *I* have to be the expert????) We were lucky - I heard the lid go, and got down there before too much damage was done. We only got 1 goat with scours (runny, runny poops) - it could have been much worse.

Yesterday, I felt marginally better. We hit Home Despot (to try and fix our gate), then the mall to get Himself's glasses fixed. Got a good hours walk in before the mall opened...after lunch we hit a few antique malls (more walking!) before heading home.

Opened the pool.....this is the earliest we've done it. We usually have to wait until after Memorial Day, but this year? It's hot and humid. was nice.

Kids are out of school for the summer. Joy!

Got our water was $152 last month; this month - $32. Nope, not a typo. I went ballistic last month - there's NO reason our family of 4 is using $152 worth of water in a month. Now, NOONE but *ME* is allowed to wash clothes, dishes, or water animals....and the bill dropped $120. I don't know *what* was going on.....but I need to find out. Sweet Geek wants to put monitors on the appliances - the water softener and filter will show us how much water is being used when. We'll see......I dunno if the kids were operating a black-market laundromat or what, but I need to get to the bottom of it. (And this month? We're running the dishwasher 2x/day, because of the milking equipment. I only do 4 loads of laundry a *something's* been using water that shouldn't be. We need to get a handle on it *now*, while water's not on restriction.)

Think that's it...gotta do contract work today.
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