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Previous Entry Arrrrrrrrrrgle-bargle.... May. 25th, 2010 @ 09:42 am Next Entry
One of those days already. Sweet Geek's step-gramma died yesterday AM; the funeral is tomorrow. Yea! for day off, boo! for funeral. :sigh:

Himself helped me milk this AM - he's a right little dairy-man! Herself fed the horses and yelled at the dog...:sigh: Still, it was a help.

Running behind...I HATE mornings that run off the rails! (Co-worker that I carpool with overslept, so we were half-an-hour behind this morning. Traffic sucks....)

Did get to swim last night - loverly. The kids are cool with the new rules - on swim nights, *I* don't cook - it's fend for yourself. I'm sorry, but getting up at 4:30, milking, going to work, coming home and milking, then swimming - I'm just not up for fixing dinner. Both of them are capable of feeding themselves - last night, Himself helped Herself make microwaved baked potatoes. Both were proud of themselves - so was I! I didn't have to cook, clean up, or anything! I'm looking forward to this...:grin:
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