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Music Time!

Hmmm, well - it looks like I haven't pimped these guys here, yet (I do on every e-mail, but....not so much here on LJ. SO....

Ya'll need to go listen to the Brobdingnagian Bards, then go vote for them here.

They're a "local" group to me (hey, they're in Texas, I'm in Texas - that makes them local!) and they are very very good. They edged out the Corsairs in my personal household for a while (after I had had it with such tidbits as "Look, Mama - Sonic Ahoy!" and "arrrrrrrrrrgh. I *said* go starboard!!")..until recently, when the Pyrates Royale hit port. *sigh* I really need to cycle in some more bards, because this pirate stuff is just too strange coming from a 4 year old, y'know? Especially when he doesn't have a *clue* what he is saying, and it comes out almost but not quite wrong. According to the Pyrates, 'starboard is where the ship, she points'....and Himself knows this to be true. *g*

Seriously, they're great, and I'd like to see them voted the #1 band in Austin. So..........go. Vote. Enjoy their music. (A personal fav: The Jedi Drinking Song. Too funny!)
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