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Well, THAT went well.....

Seems Snips is just about out. Last week, she ate one of Himself's Bionicles (Lego-type thing). Sweet Geek said "Well, you shouldn't have left it on the floor!" When I pointed out that it was on HIS floor, in his room, he was told "Well, then you should have left the door shut. It's not her fault!"

Fast forward to this AM. We had finished milking, I had processed the milk, and was in the bathroom getting in my work duds. I hear Sweet Geek come in, and snarl "SNIPS." I go to the bedroom, and he is smacking her with his (almost brand new) Reebok. :snicker:

"How can I convince them you're a good dog when you do stuff like this?" :whack: I sweetly said "Well, you did leave it on the floor...."...which got me a dirty look.

Hey - pardon the pun, but if the shoe fits.......

I have been nagging him for the past month about the training he promised. He just "never has the money". I've offered to pay for it (I'm trying to be nice, here - I want her gone, but I did say I'd give her a chance.......), and was told no, it's HIS responsibility.

When she ate Himself's Bionicle, I said I would pay - and, again, was told no. He just couldn't afford it. He got mad at me when I said "Well, we could sure afford to buy *your* 3 goats, huh?"...but hey - what's more important? Keeping this (stupid, stupid) dumped dog, or buying yet more goats?

I informed his this morning that *I* was paying for the training (no, I really can't afford it...but I can't afford her tearing anything else up, either - she's already eaten part of the sofa, and some of my shoes, and Himself's toys, and one of Herself's origami creations; if I put my foot down and order her gone he'll never forgive me. Don't ask....he gets pissed when I (gently!) remind him that he promised to get her training.) and.....gee, he's lost the number and can't remember the guy's name. Right.

I know what it is - he KNOWS she's going to fail. *I* know she's going to fail - she can't learn. She jumps the fence, and no amount of tossing her back over is getting the point across. She chews stuff - and nothing you do makes her stop (Yes, I've picked stuff up to get it out of her way...that's when she chewed up the back of the sofa. She's even JUMPED ON THE KITCHEN TABLE to get to stuff....). She's NOT a puppy - so you can't fall back on the "Well, puppies chew, you know." He doesn't want to face the fact that this dog is simply NOT worth keeping - OK, if we didn't have kids/goats/horses/other dogs, then maybe...but we do NOT have the time to dog-proof the house, and if something isn't done, she's going to get killed or severely injured. She's already been kicked by Finn - and she STILL goes in and chases the horses! She's been head-butted into the side of the barn numerous times, and she STILL goes in and snaps at the goats. Jumping the fence - that's no longer an annoyance; that's dangerous - she was down the street last night when we came home after dinner. She's gonna get hit by a car if she keeps it up.

Yes, she's a "working dog". I get that. But.....this is the first dog I've ever had that simply will. NOT. learn. My Border Collie? I'd tell her something 1x, and she had it. My Red Heeler? Same thing - only she didn't need to be punished - I could tell her "Leave the horse alone!" and she'd never bother it again. My Aussie? Stupid dog - but he'd "get it" after the first or second time. Snips? STILL does the same things she did when we first brought her home. :sigh:

So, I get to be broke this month. :shrug: It needs to be done....but honestly? I don't think it's going to do any good. I really think she's mentally-challenged...but proving it? :sigh: I agreed to giving her 2 rounds of training before demanding her be re-homed. If she fails this one, I'm going to give him an ultimatum. *I* can't afford 2 rounds of training(I think it was $300/6 week session)...and I know *he* won't pay for it (because, say it with me, I "can't afford it right now!". Yeah. *IF* it were important to him, he'd find the money. So....)

Anyway, that's the State of the Fiberaddict at the moment. We may soon be down to 2 dogs again.....I hate that, but I can't keep a demon-dog here. I can't afford to have one of my productive animals hurt because she can't learn. (She's been running the dairy does, trying to nip them. The Cashmere's don't put up with it (you'd think being rammed into the barn would tell her something, but no); the Nubians are so loopy they run from her, which makes things worse. The Alpine doe hates her, but the kids are scared...which also doesn't help.) I'm sorry, but my goats are worth more than she is....and we *need* them.
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