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Let's see....yesterday we spent most of the day at Sweet Geek's old warehouse, picking up most of the stuff the super told him we could have. We scored:

4 large round tables
40 folding chairs (match the tables!)
2 chain-link gates and posts
bunch of blue plastic sorting bins (for Himself's legos)
about 15 rubber floor mats (some will go on the milk stands)
5 sheets of 3/4" plywood
4 boxes of assorted nuts/bolts/screws
1 furniture dolly
1 LARGE styrofoam box (for soaping!)

We were able to haul everything home, except 1 gate and the plywood - we're headed back after breakfast to get those.

He's going to ask the super about a safety fence they have - it's about 8' tall, and it's long enough to fence the front of the buck pen. :fingers crossed: It'll be hard to haul home, but oh, so worth it!

Before that, though, we ran by our Goat Mentors' to pick up our horse trailer. We got to see her goats...TONS of kids. TONS. Plus the lambs.....she wants to start soaping; we discussed that and cheesemaking. It was fun...then we had to run to the feed store to pick up some goat feed (we were almost out). THEN, off to the warehouse!

Got home, and Sweet Geek worked on cheese - he made me Chevre (which smells FANTASTIC, and I will have with breakfast) and some Queso Blanco. *I* made a batch of soap (to test my new mold/cutter).....unfortunately, the mold is NOT large enough for a 4 - 5 pound batch (like the seller claimed), but that's ok. I had a small tupperware container that held the leftovers. I wanted to try my hand at swirling....FAILED. But I learned from it - I have soap that is purple-y blue on top, with some "mountains" of color.

I should have mixed the color, then swirled it in the bowl before pouring. I dumped the color on top and attempted to swirl it that way - it would have worked, if the scent (Ocean) hadn't accelerated trace. :sigh: You can't swirl oatmeal. Still, it's pretty, and smells nice, and it's usable, so - Win. :grin:

When we went out to milk/feed last night, we discovered that Heart had NO water. Seems she somehow kicked the spigot - broke the PVC in 2 places. So....we had a minor water emergency. Luckily, Sweet Geek knows a thing or 2 about plumbing....:grin:

Today, we're heading back to the warehouse, then we'll hit Half Price books. (Herself needs a copy of "The Outsiders" for her summer A/P English assignment. I want to see what soap books they may have.....just 'cause. :lol:

The pool has a leak, so no swimming. :big sigh:

I get to mow today, too! Tomorrow, though.....tomorrow is going to be INdoors. The Master bedroom is a disaster......and, since we can't swim, might as well get it done. :nods:
Tags: blather, country life, goats, soap

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