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Tuesday, Tuesday....


Previous Entry Tuesday, Tuesday.... Jun. 1st, 2010 @ 07:46 am Next Entry
NOT Monday, no matter what it feels like. :grin:

Let's see...on the way home Sunday, we hit the local outlet mall. I needed some more work shoes, and I wanted summer ones....and I'm picky. Payless (which I hit Friday evening) only had 1 style I liked...but when I got them home I realized they have a small heel. (That's a no-no!)

See, I'm picky about shoes. They MUST fit, and they MUST be walk-able. I discovered Birkenstocks a few years ago - world's ugliest shoe, but THE Most comfortable. Anywhere. Expensive..which is why I only have a few pair (the goal is to have ONLY Birks, with a pair of tennies and a pair of boots. One day...) Fashion doesn't mean a thing to me (honest!); I'd run around barefoot if I could get away with it. So.....it's hard to find a shoe that pleases me, that I'm willing to pay $$$ for.

Anyway, the local outlet mall has a Famous Footwear. We went in - I'm looking for sandals, that I can wear to work. Almost all of thier selection has *heels*...so that's out. Hey - lookie here! They now carry Birkenstocks!!!!!! :insert dance of extreme happy feet:

My favorite, hands-down summer shoe is the Birkenstock Gizeh. Thong-style (or, flip-flops, if that's more familiar to you), and actually pretty - for a Birk. They didn't have those - they had my beloved Arizonas, though - but I didn't want to pay $69 (which is CHEAP. I've paid that on *eBay* for them!). Huh....oh, look - they have the "econo" model Betula! (It's the Gizeh, but in man-made materials instead of leather and cork) And they're only $39!! :whee!:

That's one pair.....we were still browsing, though. Both kids said no, they didn't need/want new shoes, and Sweet Geek kept pulling out shoes for *me*. :bangs head: I sat down...and found a pair of Tevas. I saw an ad for them a few years ago - they were billed as "Cross-country sandals"....huh. Looked at the price - $29. Tried them on....and left with them. :grin:

I now have 2 pairs of shoes for work that I *could* wear to walk home in, if an EMP goes off while I'm 60 miles away. The Tevas are waterproof (well, so are the Betulas, but...), and the sole is beefier - I'll probably NOT wear them to work often. They are more for hiking...but the Betulas (and my Gizeh's!) are comfy, and could be worn for long-distance walkies if necessary - AND my fashonista boss can't complain about them (she HATES crocs - even though my co-worker wears them. She HATES clogs, period, and my Birk sandals have gotten me dirty looks. These? Are fashionable enough she won't say anything). (Yes, I'm paranoid.....for some reason I keep being "told" to be ready to move - as in walk. Every pair of shoes I looked at were immediately tossed if they didn't look like I could walk long distances in - and I'm not normally that picky. Don't know why......:sigh:)

Anyway. Yesterday we got the yard mowed (and...that was it. :sigh:) Oh! Snips has her first lesson today! The guy's an Aussie, transplanted not to far from us, and he DOES train working dogs (to, y'know, actually *work*). He's already said he can't fix the jumping..but he can give her manners (right. I'll believe it when it happens - I still think she's gonna fail.) It was only $150 for 6 weeks, so...we'll see. She has 2 chances...then she's gotta go. I do hope she doesn't flunk...but I'm not holding my breath.

Sweet Geek is supposed to call on the pool today - I want it fixed! It was 95* yesterday....the forecast for this week is 98*+ EVERY DAY. Ummm...it's June 1. It's NOT supposed to hit 100 until JULY. We're in for a Hellacious summer, I think - add in the flooding up North, and the drought conditions here....hope y'all took my advice and have some canned goods - crops are gonna be BAD this year (again!), and prices are already going up.

Goats - the pinkeye is GONE. Mocha is back at 100%; Rosa has a small bit of cloudiness in 1 eye. I've just about got the soremouth whipped, too.....Hobbes is stuffy-nosed, so I'm watching him. Milk production is down a smidge - but we're still getting right at 5 pounds per milking, so we can't complain.

Lots to do at work....
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