Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

"Like a little slice of Hell"....

is what the radio DJ said this morning. We are currently *20* degrees over the norm...and it's just June, folks. Not only that, but grasshoppers are BAD already....and we're in drought conditions. I said yesterday crops would be bad.....yeah. :sigh:

Snips: First lesson last night. She was the only dog there, so she got 1 hour of one-on-one training. *I* can't see that she learned anything - I had already taught her sit, and she will NOT stay, no matter what, but whatever. 5 more to go....we'll see how she does. She did tear into a skein of yarn last night. :sigh: and :snicker:

Goats: Heat is affecting them. We need to shave the Alpines, I think, but it'll have to wait until next weekend (this weekend is Scottish Fest, so - bagpipes and kilts, or shaving goats......sorry, but bagpipes and kilts win!).

Current Events: I want to take a stand here - I stand WITH ISRAEL. I've been reading/listening to the boarding story....I don't see that Israel did anything wrong. They did not start the conflict - yes, they've blockaded Gaza. They SAID they were blockading. They said IF the ships wanted to send supplies, fine - but they were going to verify that there were no illegal weapons on board. They offered a port for the ships to dock at while they checked...and the ships refused. Israel is WELL within their rights to protect themselves...and I stand with them. For the record.
Tags: blather, goats, pets

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