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but barely. This was the weekend of the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. The weather was "a little slice of Hell" - and that's about right. 103* Saturday. This is JUNE, folks - summer doesn't start until the 21st......we're in for a hellacious summer!


Saturday: Got up at 4-freaking-o'clock, to shower, milk, garb up, and get out of the house by 5:30. Sweet Geek had to go in to work to shut the servers down - and he had to be there by 6:30. We got out of there by 7:15.....and he forgot to stop for breakfast. For most people, this isn't a major problem. For me, it is - my blood sugar tanks and I get bad really quick.

We got to the Games at 8:30....and I was past the hunger stage and at the "food sucks" stage. :sigh: Add in 103* temps, and, well......I didn't do too well. The only thing that kept me out of the Paramedics office was the Sweet Tea he kept forcing down me (I was at the point that *water* sucked.....I know better, I really do, but.....)

I'm glad the Games were DEAD - I wasn't much good to anybody. I did find out a friend is (finally!) getting married! (Congrats, again!!!) but that's about all I remember of the day.

We left at 3:30; got home and Sweet Geek force-fed me and put me to bed. He went out to milk.....I had to take Benedryl to get to sleep, though.

Sunday: Better. He made sure I ate, and he kept me hydrated. The Games were still deader-than-dead, though....we closed up at 3. This is the largest Games in this part of the world.....and Clans were pulling out at noon. (They opened at 10....that's how bad it was.)

I do know that people are scared. It's not what they were saying so much - it's how they were acting. The beer tents weren't sellin'....the Homebrew Club ended up trying to GIVE beer away - and they weren't swamped. NO ONE was buying......this is the first year I got my hair braided ($25; I got it done early Saturday and it's STILL looking good. I will be taking it down tonight - I need to wash it. I don't know how other long-hairs can do it, only washing 1x a week. :shudder: It's a lovely crown braid - the one type of braid I haven't been able to do to myself.) - usually there are 2 braiders and they are swamped; this year? 1 braider, and there was never a line when I'd walk by. I know the economy's bad...even so, people usually spend freely here. Not this year - I saw lots of shoppers, but very very few buyers.

I also heard a lot of muttering about the Oil Spill - and, surprisingly, it WAS NOT against BP. The majority of folks are PISSED at the gov't for not letting the experts do their thing - see, BP DID have extengency plans. They were NOT allowed to follow them - the gov't stepped in and told them what to do. Ummm.......IF said gov't had any experience in the Oil Industry, I'd understand that....but they don't. And now BP can't do what they wanted - Top Kill, which was way down the list, has eff'd up the leak so much they can't plug it like they could have if they HADN'T done step 10 before step 2.

And....lots of disgruntled workers, too. Ure has been saying there's going to be a revolt...and I have to agree, based on what I heard (and, even more importantly, what I *DID NOT* hear.). Usually, even when folks are pissed at the gov't, they have some little something they can say "Well, he did *this* Ok." Not's......this isn't good.

The general concensus is that things are bad, and WILL get worse. I even heard a *bunch* of people say that they didn't think we'd one was willing to say this was Biblical...but the fact that they don't think it'll get better.....:shakes head:
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