Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Lots of stuff...

swirling around in my brain, but I don't know that I can put it in any sort of sensible order. Let's see...

Wrist: Oh My Lord, the pain is back. It's not as bad, thankfully, but - ugh. It's a solid 5 this morning - it's been a 2 for the longest, which I can live with (after 7 years of 9-10 pain, 2 is *nothing*), but this morning? It's gotta *go*. From the location, I'd say the synoveal cyst is back (on the outside of the wrist joint, right IN the joint. :sigh:) Fingers are all swollen, stuff!

Goats: Milk production is down. We're getting about 9 - 9.5 quarts a day (1 full gallon, and 2 little-over-half quart jars.) This is OK....but I'm trying to figure out *why* we've gotten the drop. So far, all I can come up with is the heat.

Flies: Dear Lord, the Flies are HORRIBLE this year. We got some fly predators yesterday, and Sweet Geek scattered them around the barn. I hope they do *something* - the flies are so bad, you can *hear* them as they fly around. :shudder:

Unsettling stuffs: I've noticed lately a few people bragging that they have God-given gifts. This sends up red flags to me - in Scripture, those with Real gifts tend to be modest and unassuming...mainly because yes, they have the gift, but the ultimate *control* of said gift is NOT theirs, but Yah's. Think about it - the prophets didn't control *when* they were given a prophecy, nor did they control the message. What I'm seeing now (and, so far, it's only been in a few places - but that doesn't mean anything!) is folks *bragging* about it: "Well, I spoke with God yesterday, and He said that if y'all don't do X, He's gonna make you sorry!" (no, this isn't a quote. :snicker: It's just the underlying feeling of what they're saying), or "Well, *I* can control the wind!"...which makes me want to say "Really? Then do something about the jet stream to *stop* the oil spill from spreading!"...but I don't, because a)maybe they're telling the truth, but are too "young" to know that bragging makes them look like liars and b)if the gift *isn't* from Yah, but the Adversary, I really don't need to get involved. :sigh: I know, it's fulfillment.....there will be many false prophets in the End Times, and we need to be wary and test the spirits......but it's frustrating!

Work: Continues apace. Coworker and Mrs boss are *still* buying mass-market collectables as "investments". :grrrrr: Lladro and Hummel and Royal Doulton junk will NOT be worth squat when the dollar falls, and NOBODY is gonna want to trade foodstuffs for them. :sigh: Not my problem..

Herself turns 13 this Sunday, and we're trying to plan a party. Fun stuff, especially since payday isn't until the 15th, and we need goat chow and hay. And cake. And food for the party. And the damn pool people haven't fixed the damn leak yet - this is *2* weekes now since we reported it. :bangs head: I think we need a new pool service......(yes, I *could* do it myself. It also will cost me more, because I don't understand how all the chemicals interact. I pay $50/week.....or $200/month. Before I hired these guys, I was spending at *least* $300/month on chemicals and salt - and I could never get the numbers where they needed to be. I don't mind cleaning's the water balancing I have problems with.)

Need to sort out what I need to work on today...
Tags: blather, goats, kids

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