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It's raining! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry It's raining! Jun. 10th, 2010 @ 08:00 am Next Entry
And it rained all night - that lovely, gentle, steady rain that we so needed! I asked, and Yah sent :huzzah!:!

Sweet Geek played phone tag with the pool company all day yesterday, to finally find out that they NO LONGER do pool repairs. WTH?? You'd think that *someone* would have told him the 5 times he called to check on the status.....

Seems that the owner (a nice guy) decided to go on sabbatical a while back. He hired a partner...then a few months ago decided he was done with it, and quit. No notice was ever sent - I vaguely remember one about the partner coming on board, but that's it. No one mentioned the no more repairs part....:sigh:

While he had them on the phone (finally! It was 4 PM.....too ridiculous for words!), he brought up my bill. See....last year we had the pump replaced. That was..I forget, but I'm thinking $300 or $400 dollars. A *week* later, the gasket went out, and had to be replaced...and I got ANOTHER bill for $250. For a gasket. That should have been replaced when the pump was. Sweet Geek was pissed, but dropped the ball; after 6 months of outstanding bills, I said screw it, and called to set up a payment plan. I've been whittling it down (yesterday I was 1 full month behind - IOW, I owed $400) slowly, still fuming over the charge that I didn't think I should pay. Oh - and add to it that I was told from the beginning that they didn't charge over the winter, since no one was using the pool and no cleaning would be done...guess what? I still paid the same amount all winter! And have! (Because I was thinking I'd get a nice credit balance built up for repairs and such.)

Anyway, upshot is that she knocked quite a bit off the bill - I now owe $300. (Because there are 2 weeks they've already done of June. Even though she admits the guy HAS NOT cleaned the pool since Jun 1, because the water level is too low. :bah:)

Doesn't matter though - after he hung up the first time with them, he called another company. They are coming out Friday to actually :gasp: FIX the pool! And, they're $12/week CHEAPER. (The receptionist heard me say "Bring a contract!" and cracked up......:lol:)

So, the pool's taken care of (hopefully). Which means the pool party is ON for Sunday, weather permitting. (More rain, please? Thanks!)

Mulling over a few thoughts.....we'll see if any of 'em go anywhere.
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