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I need a day off... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About I need a day off...

Previous Entry I need a day off... Jun. 11th, 2010 @ 10:53 am Next Entry
from my day off! :grin: Let's see...it's not quite 11 AM, and I have:

Milked the goats
Done a load of laundry
Done a load of dishes
Cleaned the Music/Game/Tack/Living room
Cleaned half the Weaving Studio
Started brewing Chamomile tea for soap
Got 2 molds ready - 1 for Shampoo bars, 1 for Whey Cool Soap (made with whey!)

Sweet Geek has:

Milked the goats
Cleaned up outside
Hung a batch of Chevre
Gotten ready to start a batch of Manchego

:whew: I need a vacation!

The pool company WILL be out this afternoon, and they will clean the pool, too. Looks like we'll be all set for Herself's birthday bash! I need to hit the grocery - she wants pizza, so we decided it'd be cheaper to do homemade individual ones. I have the ground meat and the flour, but we need the other toppings (well, not cheese. :grin:)

It's a hot, humid day here. Stinks to work outside.......which is why I am *inside* :lol:

Gotta get soaping!
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