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Can I take a nap now?

Let's see...busy weekend - I'll cut it, 'cause it'll get long.

Friday evening, the guy came out to fix the pool. $200 leak detection; he was here *maybe* 45 minutes. Vacuumed the pool really well, said eveything was go for the party, and to have fun. We plopped the hose in and started filling it up.

Oh - and G'ma took Himself to the doctor Friday morning. Seems that vaccinations don't work - poor boy had CHICKEN POX. Yeah....he's had the shot, and it's required for, where did he get exposed to them???

Saturday morning we went out to milk...and the damn pool (which is almost full now!) is LEAKING. :bangs head: Sweet Geek got on the phone and let 'er rip.....the guy came BACK out. "Oh, gee....look at this. I found *4* "new" holes, plus the one I "fixed" yesterday. Heh, sorry about that." Umm, no - we didn't pay $200 for NOTHING, get it fixed!. :sigh: It is fixed now, thankfully, but I'm wondering about their service, if this is what the leak expert does.

Anyway, Saturday was spent deep-cleaning the house. And getting things ready for the party on Sunday - Herself wanted pizza, so we did homemade personal ones. More work, but cheaper.

We also washed the dogs...THAT was fun. NOT!

Sunday: Happy 13th Birthday, Herself! The weather was perfect for a swim party. The pizza was a hit, the cake was good, but the ice cream wasn't frozen yet. Herself got tons of Origami paper, a crochet book, a complete set of hooks (eBay is my friend!), a jewelry set, and some gemstones. Oh, and a Jade dragon from Granny. She was quite happy - even more so when we hit the pool.

So...that's the weekend in a nutshell. Busy - I need a nap! - but fun. Slightly sunburned, but that's OK. Next weekend we are planning on picking up a few more pullets..we'll see.

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