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Busy weekend...

but not much accomplished.

Saturday, we went and looked at a "new" car for my mother. Her truck overheats every 100 feet or so.....and co-worker's mother has an older station wagon in pretty good shape that she wants to get rid of. Needs a battery, so we couldn't start it, but we'll be picking up a new one tomorrow/Wednesday.

Sunday the kids went to Granny's. Oh, the joy! Oh, the excitement! I don't think the Grands quite know what hit 'em, but that's OK. 2 weeks of my kids'll be enough, I think. :lol:

So, tonight I'm taking Sweet Geek out for a belated Father's Day. One of the 5-star restaurants has a summer special (Wolfgang Puck's 560) - ANY appetizer, ANY entree, and house ice cream and cookie dessert, for $45. :Whoo: Sweet Geek's wanted to go there for years, we go!

Speaking of, Restaurant Week is coming up - 3rd week in August. Get your reservations in early - they haven't announced it yet, but most of the restaurants go in each year. (And you wonder why they're already booked the day the reservations open? :giggle:) Last year we went to Del Frisco's...this year? Stephan Pyles. $35/3 course meal, with $7 going to the North Texas Food Bank. I'd like to get into the Mansion, too, but Sweet Geek isn't so into it. Ah, well......
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