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2 AM is too damn late to be falling asleep. There is NOTHING on the teevee worth watching (well, that's normal, but...), our 'net is out at the house (due to Sweet Geek wanting to get a static IP address...apparantly he broke CenturyLink's tech department yesterday. :sigh:), so I got to sit on the couch staring at the wall. This is NOT going to be a good day! (And, no real reason for it...not sure WHY I can't sleep. :sigh:)

Dinner last night, however, was. We don't normally go out to expensive ($$$$) restaurants - I can't justify the cost. I don't care WHO is cooking, I don't see how ANY meal is worth more than $10/plate. (Seriously. I have issues.)

Well........last night we went to Wolfgang Puck's 560. I've always wanted to go to this restaurant (well, not THIS restaurant, but the building it's in. If you've seen the Dallas skyline, you've seen the bizarre "golf ball"...the restaurant is IN the ball....and it rotates.), and when I found out they had a summer special (a 3 course meal for $45) we decided to go.

ANY appetizer "First Flavor", ANY Entree, house ice cream and cookies. In the ball, watching the Dallas skyline move beneath you. The restaurant is small, but the food was good (better if you like Asian - I don't, but it was still good). The waitstaff were fantastic, and we had a good time. I brought home my chopsticks (Hey - if I'm spending THAT kind of money, I want a souvinier - I didn't think taking the rock they were using as a chop stick holder would be a good idea. :grin:) which will become hairsticks (most expensive hairsticks I'll own!). All the seats are near the windows, and it rotates slowly so you don't get vertigo (I think it takes an hour to make a full revolution. I had fun watching the bar go by....and the hostess....:lol:)

I thought I was being safe - I got the Lettuce cups (with chopped chicken inside)....I mean, that sounds good. HOT. Sweet Geek got Chicken dumplings, which *I* thought would be hot, but were mild. I got the Beef Filet.......they had no pepper left in the kitchen. I had tears running out of my eyes it was so spicy! Sweet Geek had the organic was slightly spicy, but not overly so....I told him I had ordered his meal by mistake. :lol:) The Dessert was fantastic - 1 (melon-ball) scoop of coconut and 1 of chocolate-covered cherry ice cream with a ginger/lemon cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate volcano cookie (basically a chocolate/chocolate chip mix with melted baker's chocolate swirled thruout. Nummy!)

We discussed this before making reservations - Restaurant Week is coming up, and they participate. They also fill up quickly.....we decided to go now (for $10 more) so we wouldn't be rushed - AND we'd know what we were getting (Restaurant Week usually means smaller, stranger menus. Sometimes that's OK...with cuisine I'm not familiar with? Not so much.)

Would I go again? Not at full price - the food was way to "hot" for my tastes. It was good, but.....I'd rather spend the $$$ at the Mercury (which we are doing at lunch next week). I'd like to try the Mansion on Turtle Creek, just to be able to say I've been, but this year we're doing Stephan Pyles instead. :shrug: The menu at the Mansion is....odd, similar to Fearings (which is WAY to hot for me!), so I'm not too upset.

Anyway, our reservations were for 5:30...we got there at 5 and got to spend time in the Lounge/Bar area. (yippee.) We got home at 8:30 to a bunch of pissed off goats and chickens. :lol: The horses were ok - they got fed the moment we got to the barn, but the goats! It was hard to milk - we are going to have to do something else for restaurant week. I can't let 'em go 15 hours between milkings again.

So, good dinner, not so good night. :sigh: I've already started the caffiene drip...hope it works all day!
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