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We got a halter on the Finn! We got a halter on Finn!!! :insert happy dance:

Of course, it wasn't in the best of situations. Last night I was in NO condition to do much; I went out to help milk but that was about it. (I was in bed - ASLEEP - by 7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Sometime between 6:30 (when Sweet Geek fed) and 5:15 this AM, Finn got tangled in the fence. His back right fetlock was tied pretty tightly in the thick smoothwire - which is better than if he got caught in the hot wire. (It's thinner, and cuts.) We're talking KNOTTED wire, here - it was pretty tight.

I went out to feed while Sweet Geek finished Rosa (normally, I do the goats. Not this AM - there was a spider-demon straight from Hell that had spun her web over the gate. *I* am not going near it - this is one of those yellow and black ones that does funky webs, and it's HUGE. Nope, not going THERE.) - I chose to tromp out in the dark pasture instead. Glad I did - I don't know that SG would have paid attention.

See, I fed everybody, THEN noticed Finn wasn't standing on all 4 legs. It looked like he was stretching - but when I see something like that, I always watch to be sure that the critter is fine. He wasn't - no weight on the leg, hopping instead of walking...and then he got the wire caught in a mesquite tree. :sigh:

I yelled for wire took a bit, but I got the wire off. Meanwhile, SG is luv-ing on Finn, rubbing his head and cooing at him. I said "Hmmm....." (in baby-talk voice) "where's a halter for the Finny, huh? My sweet l'il Finny needs a halter" SG caught on - "oooh, there's a good Finn - in the shed. Is that the spot you like rubbed? Huh?" :snicker:

I grabbed the halter and came back out....Finn is in all sorts of raptures, and had his head propped on SG's shoulder. "oooh, let me see your leg boy - is it awright? Is it? ooooh, you like me rubbing your leg?"...I petted and scritched my way up to his took a bit of baby-talk and slow movements, but we GOT THE DAMN HALTER ON THE HORSE. :lol:

I'm going to watch to make sure he keeps it on, then I am calling the vet and getting him castrated. Then I'm gonna saddle-break him (do it while he's too sore to buck, that's my idea. I'm WAY too old to be hitting the ground!) Shouldn't take much - he really is a sweet boy, just stubborn.

And...I just paid the bills, and I have money left. How'd that happen? :lol: Need to go get more soaping supplies....and goat feed. Next month we buy a few more pullets.....
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