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News from the Front...

The boy is sick. Whooo boy, is he sick. Not the sick that causes stuff to ooze from the top and bottom orifaces, oh no - this is an insidious cough, that attracts the attention of the asthma and turns into a raging case of double pneumonia faster than you can say prednesolone. The kind of cough that wakes both Himself and *you* (1700 sq ft away) up multiple times in the night. The kind of cough that scares women, children and small to medium sized dogs. (Our large dogs, on the other hand, see it as the kind of cough you bark at, in an attempt to hold off the inevitable invasion. Hasn't worked yet.)

Fortunately, I am alert to it's tricks. I've been trying to head it off with every 4 hour breathing treatments, extra shots of his inhalors, and all around watchfulness. However, when the breathing treatment doesn't even put a dent in the frequency of the cough (in fact, it accelerated it), it's time to call in the big guns. Like, our friendly not quite neighborhood pediatrician. Whom I love with a chaste passion. Why? Because he'll actually call in a prescription just on my begging. This time, though - I figured it was time for a visit. We haven't seen him in a couple of months, just chatted on the phone.

Good thing - the asthma hasn't noticed the cough,'s still at the massive, horrible sinus infection stage. Yes, that. The stage where your boogers (sorry) are strange colors and (really sorry) taste horrid. (What can I say - he's a boy!) At least the nose isn't's packed in there too tightly. *sigh*

The most fun part, however, is that both my kids (and myself) are allergic to penicillian. Deathly allergic. So, we get to play musical antibiotics and hope we've picked one strong enough to kill the infection. That would be Omnicef, in this instance. A 3rd gen. penicillian derivative. Which means I get to share a bed for a bit - I *have* to keep a sharp eye on him. He's used it before, but penicillian allergies are funny things - you can not be allergic 1 dose, and the next dose will put you in the hospital. 2nd gen are bad news....but 3rd seem to be ok. So far.

He's currently ensconced on the floor of our office, happily playing with the huge honking box of legos Mama so foresightedly hauled in. Eating all our snack foods, and slurping up huge quantities of our bottled water. We shall be leaving shortly after lunch - after my co-worker gets done with all of the running around we need to do on the 15th. Me? I'm trying to get some work done - I'm succeeding only because legos are so much more entertaining than bothering Mama.

We are currently reassembling (to the 15th power) the Star Wars Snow Speeder. We've lost many parts, but we can improvise. We get it to the point of attaching the wings, then we crash it into the shredder and have to rebuild it. Again. And again, ad infinitum. For variety, we smash it into a)Yoda, b)the carpet or c)the file cabinets. And laugh. Then cough, because it wants to be totally involved, too.

Oh, yeah, we also like to have R2D2 (from Kenner, not Lego) try to "repair" the damages.

Herself? She's at school. She gets a day with Mama in February, when school is out. We need to re-evaluate her to see if the Concerta dosage is still good.

Must get back to work!
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