Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Let's sleep Friday evening for me. Up until 1:30 watching DVDs, then in the bedroom watching the ceiling fan spin. :sigh: Needless to say, Saturday was a total waste for me. We went to SG's warehouse to pick up the last stuff, dropped mom off to pick up her truck, then back home.

Where I ruined a sheet of plexiglass. We had bought it to make liners for my soap molds (the theory being that the soap won't stick to the smooth plexiglass, AND it'd be reusuable......yeah.) but I am incapable of using the knife-thingy made to "cut" the stuff. ("cut" - more like Break. Which I did. Repeatedly.)

SG is currently trying to salvage pieces to at least line the smaller mold (oh..yeah. Went to the soap supply store Friday to pick up my oils...and bought another mold. 2 pounder, this time, for smaller test batches.) I got the tallow yesterday and really want to try it.....:sigh: Anyway, SG is using the dremel to try and cut the plexi.....again, I tried, and Broke it. :sigh: I am NOT meant to work with glass, obviously.

Oh - just got the word. We are running to Wally-world to pick up some cheap-ass cutting boards to cut up instead. Guess HE's not having any luck either! :lol:

At least the pool is working! And Clean!

Kids are doing well......1 more week child-free.
Tags: blather, soap

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