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It's Monday....

all right. Woke up with massive headache - it's what happens when I don't eat. :sigh: Yesterday was breakfast.....a milkshake for lunch....and that's it. Oh - a Cadbury egg somewhere in there. :sigh: I *know* better, but......had a headache yesterday too that made it hard to eat. :sigh:

Did have breakfast this AM...and I took an Advil. So far, no reaction - hope the headache goes away!

Made 1 batch of soap yesterday. 100% tallow.'s a very hard, very bright white bar. It was intended to be laundry soap......but I added some Lavendar FO at the last minute. Smells nice - I tried a shaving this morning, but didn't get much lather; I think it needs to cure a bit. We'll see.

New mold holds a 2 pound recipe (well, 30 oz tallow, 10.2 oz water, and 4.1 oz lye). The plastic cutting board liner worked a treat - the soap loaf came out of the mold and the plastic peeled right off. Only 1 leak spot - I think we have a winner! I'll try the larger mold later - want to do another batch of Whey Cool soap (this time with PROPER colorants!)

Need to rest my head - it hurts. :sigh:
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