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It's raining....

but not pouring. It's a nice, dreary gray outside - and cool (for Summer.) Praise the Lord - we need the rain!

My tallow soap is curing nicely. Hard, white bars with a faint scent of lavendar (I really need to figure out the proper way to measure my scents. Ah, well!)

Tried the Whey soap this gets slimey. Granted, it's only 2 weeks old, but...:ick: I think I need to re-think the recipe on that one.

Speaking of, I joined the Dish Forum, which is all about bath and beauty-making. I don't agree with a lot of their...philosophy, but I like the info. They recently had a Single-Oil swap (where each soap is 1 oil, same liquid, and lye - that's it), and I've printed off the results. I wanted to make my own single-oil soaps to test...but a)I don't know that I'm comfortable with the preciseness needed for 3 oz of oil b)I don't know that I have small enough molds and c)I'm lazy and am just as happy using other people's experiences. :sigh: I'm hoping the info will help me improve the Whey soap (among others!)...and it was cheaper than buying yet another book. :lol: (I think you have to join to see any of the discussion.....but it is CHOCK full of good info. And it was free....)

SG's warehouse will be closed for good tomorrow, so he's doing the last bit of clean-up. Came home last night with some more plywood, a BUNCH of toothbrushes, and 200 feet of plastic chain. The kind you see in sheep and goat catalogs as collars...for $$. :lol: Granted, it's yellow and black.....but I don't think the goats will care!

Lunch date today!
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