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I swear my son...

is channeling his father. Seriously. *key twilight zone music*.

Steve was a S/F fan from the get go. We have movies, and books, and patterns, and blueprints, and toys and and and. Not just 1 copy of the movies, oh no. We have *every* version released. And toys....he claimed he was getting them for "costume research", yeah. Sure.....

So, fast forward to now. Himself is turning 5 in March. (Steve was killed when he was 2). He's always liked the Star Wars movies, but it's been, up to now, more of just a passive, watching sort of thing. But now - oh, no - NOW we have all of a sudden turned into a massive SW Geek. To the point of discussing the merits of the X-wing over the tie-fighter. ("The X-wing is better, Mama, because - because - Because the Wings *MOVE*. Like this, see - the tie fighter is boring. That's why Darf Vader Losted - the wings don't Move!") It's hilarious, and sad, all at the same time.

He decided yesterday that he *has* to have all the Star Wars toys, so he can "play the movie. I need the planets, too, y'know." Ummmmmm, yeah, only they don't *make* the planets, son. He finally agreed that the planets would be much to big to make toys of...but declared he Had to Have Every.Single.Action.Figure of Star Wars.

And, we Must have the Millenium Falcon. If he's told me that once, he's told me that 100 times - just this weekend. I scored one on Ebay, so he'll get it for his birthday. His wonderful Grannie (my MIL) scored a X-wing from Toys R Us, so he should be happy. For a few minutes.

But, it's not just the toys that have me conviced he's channelling...well, someone that's not him. We have watched the Original Trilogy ALL BLOODY WEEKEND. Over and over and over, with mild breaks for Herself's movie choices. (Lest I get flamed for letting my kids vegetate in front of the TV - they don't. Weekdays we watch 1 short (30 min) movie most nights. That's it. They have to find other ways to keep amused. (Since the TV in the Living Room died, we don't watch PBS - the small one in the front room can't bring in the signal. When it did work, we watched 1 hour (or so) of PBS each night - and that was it). Weekends, I let them do pretty much what they want - since he's sick and can't go outside, and doesn't feel like playing, I let him watch movies. Normally, it would be maybe 2 movies per day.....) We have seen ESB (Empire Strikes Back for you non-geeks) *4* times since Friday. Oh, wait - we're watching it again right now. *5* times.

I like the movies, I really do - I saw ROTJ (Return of the Jedi) 17 times when it first came out - but. Not all at one time.

At least he's a purist - we haven't watched the prequels in a long time. *g* He wants to see #3 - because "we see how Annikn comes Darf Vaaader. I bet Obi Wan kicks his butt! *gg*" Oh, with the exception of the cartoons - he *loves* the Clone Wars micro series. General Grevious is "way cool! But Jedis can really win, y'know. They did it wrong." HE also likes the old Droids cartoons...but not like the Original Trilogy. (Oh, and we prefer the Original Original movies, not the remastered, and not the DVD's. What does *that* tell you?)

I need to start haunting Ebay so I can stock up on toys before May - the prices will surely shoot up then, and I can't afford them *now*.

Oh, well, at least it's better - by a long shot - than the Wiggles, or the Teletubbies, or the big purple monstrosity that is not allowed in my house. (except for the 1 movie that we've only watched maybe 3 times in the 5 years we've owned it. Funny how it keeps disappearing off of the shelf.)

Off to meet Yoda (again)
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