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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Prophecy Ponderings......

So, Anna didn't get "her" big earthquake......or so she feels. Me? I think she DID, and thus Seal 6 has been fulfilled.

Quick background: There are a few folks who believe that the "Trib" or Tribulation (from Revelation) began with the Treaty that went into effect Jan. 1, 2006. Anna was given a 6-month suggestion; that is, a Seal would be opened every 6 months from Jun1.....and so it has been.

She wondered if maybe the 6-month suggestion was only for the first 4 Seals - those are Seals we can "see", and time...the 5th Seal being the souls under the Altar asking Yah how much longer they have to wait - *we* can't exactly mark that one, since it's on the Spiritual plane, not this one. Seal 6 is a great earthquake, the sun turns black as sackcloth, the full moon turns red, stars fall from heaven, the sky recedes like a scroll, and every mountain and island is moved from it's place. Sounds impressive doesn't it? And.....doesn't sound like it's happened, huh?

Only....yeah. I think it has - and I'm not stretching. See, every other Seal has been, well, QUIET. If you weren't *looking* for fulfillment, you'd miss it - and that's why the Church claims we're NOT in the Trib. :Deep Breath:

All right. Yah is a God of Pattern and Order. He tends to do things in a similar fashion as He's done before....remember Elijah? Yah wasn't in the Loud Thunder, or the Rushing Wind - He was the still, soft voice. He didn't send Messiah as a Warrior-King; He came as a tiny, helpless baby. And - why would Messiah tell us to WATCH, if everything was going to be all pyro-technic and fantastic special-effect-y? I mean, we wouldn't have to *watch* if it was going to be obvious, now would we?

Let's look at the past 6 months. We've had a few massive earthquakes - Haiti and Chile come immediately to mind. Mt. Idliketobuyacoupleofvowelsplease went *boom*, and filled the sky with dark ash. We had an eclipse of a FULL moon (that went red......:hmmmm:)...oh, and the Chile quake? Tilted Earth's orbit.......not much, no, but, ummm....everything's been moved from it's place.

Sun going dark....well...the ash DID make the sky black/dark over most of Europe - and Israel, if I'm not mistaken. The sun has also had a remarkable LACK of sunspot activity...which could be described as "going dark" (but that one's maybe a reach. I dunno...just tossing it out there) Stars falling......that one I *don't* know about - so I can't claim fulfillment there. (Could it mean man-made "stars"? Satellites? Did we have any of those fall? Or could it be spiritual - could it be describing fallen angels? They're referred to as stars in the OT a few times, if I remember correctly.)

Granted, John also said every man - slave and free, rich AND poor - would hide and wail that the time of God's wrath was here.......I *have* heard a LOT of people - "believers" and non - that have said something along these lines. Of course, they don't DO anything about it - they don't change their ways, they don't fall on their knees in

Now, if Anna was right and only the first *4* Seals were on the 6-month suggestion, then we're still *in* Seal 6....and we'll get a better fulfillment of the ones I'm "reaching" on.

Now, I still think we're at the "door" of Seal 7, so to speak. Granted, I'm no prophet, just a "hack", but....the other Seals were small things that are snow-balling. I do believe that Seal 6 is the same way....we've seen it opened, but maybe not fully fulfilled.

Sorry if it doesn't make sense.....I know what I'm trying to say, and I know where I've put my Faith. I know that this is only the Beginning, and things ARE going to get worse. I've prepped to the best of my about you? Are you ready for what's coming?
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