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Short 'n' Sweet - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Short 'n' Sweet Jul. 7th, 2010 @ 08:22 am Next Entry
First up, I changed my co-worker's A/C filter this AM (it's in her attic, and she can't climb the stairs) and Bonked my head really good on a rafter. If I keel over in the next day or 2, this'll give a starting point as to *why*. :weak grin: (My head really *hurts*)

I have the camera card, just need to re-size the photos before uploading them. Won't promise it'll be today - depends on if the boss comes in/stays in today. It's supposed to rain - and looks ominous, so :fingers crossed:

ALL the does have had their feet trimmed. The bucklings are ALL out of the pen, and in their own. Calvin and Inara are still bottled, but we need to wean them soon. Jayne adjusted OK; Hobbes is still a mama's boy. Cute and fuzzy, though. :grin: (I LOVE my Cashmere-on-the-hoof. Hobbes and River are the 2 SOFTEST and SNUGGLIEST things I've ever felt - can't wait for the shed to see what we have. Saffron and Kaylee are soft, but not snuggly. Yes, there's a difference. :grin:)

Off to see exactly *what* is on the camera card....
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