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Soap Show and Tell

OK, it's photo time! This batch will be soap - I'll do all the kids' stuff next go-round.

Yeah, it's ugly - why hide it? I embrace it - it'll all wash down the drain, anyway, and it *does* do a fantastic job of taking dirt with it. These are almost all from my swirling experiments - I need to work on it. I suck. But it's fun, and hey - it's just soap!

First up, a plain-jane bar:

This is my first batch of Tallow soap. Smells of lavendar, and lathers *fantastically*. The only thing in this soap (besides the lye and scent, duh) is Beef Tallow - the soap is kosher, and is destined to be laundry soap.

OK, now that I've shown you the pretty stuff....

This was my first swirling attempt. I waited to long - it was almost at full trace, so the blue - which turned purple - had to be glopped on instead of artfully swirled. Still, it's cool-looking....and I learned a few things. Don't blend to trace, just blend enough to get the lye solution mixed in, don't use Melt-and-Pour colorants (they don't hold up to CP soap) and don't dump in scent - it accelerates trace. :sigh: Still, live and learn, right?

I must not have uploaded my Whey Cool soap - it was attempt #2. Same colorant problem - the green turned brown on top, but stayed green inside - the soap looks moldy. :ugh: Lathers a treat, though.

ETA: I found 'em! Here ya go:

Here it is still in the mold. You can see that the top is, well, brown. :sigh: Much better swirling, though - Sweet Geek helped. This batch is scented with patcholi - LOVE the patch! - with a hint of lavendar. :mmmmm: The patch emphasized the tan color - the whey is sort of a yellow-ish tan. Ah, well - it's still soap!

Here's the inside - see, it's green!? I dunno why some of the colorant changed and the other didn't - it makes for odd-looking soap. :shrug: Moving on.....

Anyway, this is standard goat's milk. It was my first use of oxide colorant - the green is a bit brighter than I was aiming for, but pretty. The scent is - what else? - Cedar and Saffron. It's very strong, but nice. I tried In The Pot Swirling...and I suck at that, too. I also forgot to add the scent until AFTER I poured the green into the I quickly dumped some and swirled. Not such a good idea.....but hey, my top swirl looks better!

For attempt #4, I tried something new (why wait until you've perfected something? Jump right in!) I divided the mold with a piece of cardboard, separated out 2 bits of soap, and colored 1 yellow and 1 red. Poured 1 color on each side of the cardboard, then carefully lifted it out. I then poured the uncolored soap (white) down the center line and used a coathanger to swirl the inside. (It's easier to do than describe!) I then did a quick swirl on top...which kinda failed. :sigh:

So did the inside:

I mean, I got an interesting swirl, can't see the white at all. :sigh: Back to the drawing board...

Same idea as #4, but with white and blue this time, and brown down the center. Look! I got a pretty top!!!! But what about the inside?...

Better. but still not what I had in mind. If the brown was darker, it'd look cooler.....(the liner? Is parchment paper. The cutting board pieces I was using leaked - I had to scrape orange soap out of the bottom, and it was a *bugger* to un-mold that bar. This? Tore. There's pieces in the soap ends, and it was another bugger to get out. :sigh: Wonder why I wanted to try the caulk?)

The last 3 were done this weekend, so they're still curing. All of them do lather well (what? I test the scraps from cutting the bars!), so there's that.

My silicone caulk lined mold is dry - I think I'll do 1 more coat before using it. I'm going to try again this weekend - I want to master the inside "secret" swirl. Practise makes perfect - and even my failures are still usable soap. Just...ugly. :grin:

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