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I can haz sleep nao?


Previous Entry I can haz sleep nao? Jul. 8th, 2010 @ 07:43 am Next Entry
:sigh: I think I finally succumbed at 2:30 - at least, that's the last time I remember looking at the clock. 4:30 comes awfully early......at least SG was home to help milk! (He was supposed to be at his aunt's...but she got stubborn. I don't begrudge her some SG time - she's old and needs the help - but it *is* hard on me to do all the milking by myself. :sigh:)

Himself helped last night. He did the Nubians while I did Zorra and Rosa. Rosa gave me *3* pounds! and Zorra gave me 2! Add in Annie and Mocha - we got 2 full gallons yesterday! :blink: I gotta freeze more for soap! (Hint: To keep your milk soaps whiter, you freeze the milk. Most folks pour it in ziplock baggies, and freeze flat. It's easier if you fill ice cube trays. Each cube weighs about 1 oz - MUCH easier to measure out! Still need to double-check the weight - but it's pretty easy to count cubes.)

Herself told me NO pictures until she finishes her current.....thing. I dunno what it is - some Pokemon character - but last night? It was a yellow bowling pin. :snicker:

My wrist is KILLING me. I think 2 goats is my limit...I'm doing 3. :sigh: Need to price milking machines, and see if DIY is cheaper (probably). I can't keep this up!
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