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It's Friday!

And the boss changed our hours! We now work 8 - 4 Mon - Thurs, and 8 - 12 Fri. Not sure why - she's probably using this to be able to justify getting rid of me, but I don't care - I'm off at noon today!

In celebration, let's have some photos!

Herself has been *busy*. You've seen her early stuff.....well, she's improved. A lot.

This is an owl she made for my co-worker. First "mesh". Not too shabby...

Slightly closer view. Kinda messy on the sewing, but still - a good job. But wait....

She did all of these Pokemon things/creatures/whatever while at Granny's. *2* Weeks, folks - *2* weeks. And a couple of days were spent finding patterns and procuring yarn (since she didn't bring her whole stash with her!). Let's do closeups, shall we? (I won't label 'em, since I don't know 1 Pokemon from another.)

The black cat-thingy she came up with herself - she mashed 2 patterns together. Pleased? Me?? :lol:

She did this one Tuesday:

And she's working on another, but it wasn't on the table for photos.

My favorite? The one she did for ME. Here he is, in all his cuteness:

My very own wee dragon! He's adorable....moreso when he, well, look:

Yes, he's a knitter. :snicker: Yes, I did the knitting - and I did it WITH the toothpicks. They're not that much smaller than my sock needles.....and she didn't think I could do it. :lol: He's not knitting right now, though - he's on my computer desk here at the office, guarding the Ibuprofen from me. :lol:

And an obligatory shot of Himself, with one of his balloon creations:

He does the sewing up for Herself, as well as some knitting. He's mostly into Legos and models, though....still, he can knit a mean hat! :lol:

Proud mama much? :lol:
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