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Wait - it's Monday already?? - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Wait - it's Monday already??

Previous Entry Wait - it's Monday already?? Jul. 12th, 2010 @ 07:44 am Next Entry
The weekend is a blur....got home at 1 Friday, and collapsed in bed for a nice nap. Didn't actually *sleep*, but got a little rest. Saturday we picked up feed....yesterday? I spent the whole day dead to the world. Didn't sleep Sat. night, so about 9 AM I took an Elavil and went to bed. :sigh: (I hate meds, but I had no choice - my wrist was inflamed and sore, and I was exhausted.)

Sweet Geek got a new toy - he found a vintage Shopsmith in excellent condition. He's been having fun figuring it out - I'll save you the google. A Shopsmith is a 4-in-1 machine (with attachments it can be even more) for woodworking. Standard is: Drill Press, Lathe, Table Saw, Drum Sander. With a simple attachment, the drill press can be converted to a router, you can buy a jig saw, a band saw (I think you can easily convert the drill press to that, as well) and...I dunno, all sorts of things. It's all in 1 easy to move and compact tool...and, even new, they're cheaper than buying all the tools separate. He's already cut out 2 soap molds...and he wants to make some pens. (He hasn't played with a lathe before, so this'll be a good learning thing.)

He agreed that, instead of buying another goat right now he'd get me a machine, instead. I can NOT keep this up - my wrist is still inflamed and sore this morning. For "normal" people, milking 3 goats 2x/day isn't a problem - with my destroyed wrist, it is. :sigh: I found a guy on eBay that sells 'em for $600.....I found a reconditioned one from a dairy site for $775. We'll need a generator...but can run it off an extension cord for the time being (I know it's not recommended, but it'll work for the interim.) SG gets his annual bonus in a couple of weeks; the buck barn and this will spend it all. (I don't care - we have to do both. I am back to 99% pain, after getting it down to 10%. I will NOT do another surgery - 5 is enough, thankyouverymuch! - so we gotta do something. Being allergic to all pain meds doesn't help. :big sigh:)

I did make 2 batches of soap on Saturday. 1 was my standard goats milk....it was taffy-like when I went to de-mold it. I think I used too much milk - I resized my recipe from 5 pounds to 30 oz......or it could be that the styrofoam chest I'm using is too big for the small mold to gel properly. Next weekend (after we pick up more pullets), I'm going to make 2 or 3 batches and see if more soap = better texture. (The soap DID harden up, finally - it's normal, now). The 2nd batch was shaving soap - I totally changed the recipe, and we'll see if I managed to get the creamy, lasting lather that SG requested. :fingers crossed:

Herself finished her yellow critter, and is working on yet another one. This one has a lightning bolt for a tail...I dunno. It's cute.....(Ali, I owe you an email!)
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Date:July 12th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
*Dislike* on the wrist. My wrists are not totally screwed up. but I have 6 goats I *could* be milking and I have only be milking three and hoping the other babies will keep their moms in milk for me. I have just not had the time or energy for 6!! and I tend to run out of space for all the milk - I have 23 qurts in the fridge and freezer right now - today I will be mixing everything older than July 9th with chicken feed for the meat birds.
It is good for people to drink still - but why drink last weeks milk when you get a fresh gallon today?
I have been looking at a milk machine too. The funny thing is my dad was in the hopspital for a few days (colitis) and I had FOUR people ask if I needed them to come milk my goats....uh...you don't know anything about goats, my goats, milking goats, milk handling...umm, no thank you. That could be real bad. Offer to water the trees and garden, but milking the goats is a little more delicate. If they were used to a machine - it might make things easier. Here this page might help you to identify new critters:

does icing your wrist help at all? I hope you get your machine and some relief soon ~ali
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Date:July 12th, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, no - ice doesn't do anything but make me cold. :sigh: It's nerve damage at this point - I've had 2 nerves "worked" on...and I do NOT want to do that again. The tingles as they heal......no. Never again!

Thanks for the link - I'll check it out later!
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