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:yawn: It's already Tuesday?

I do not know why I am so tired. I went to bed at 7 last night.....I should be all slept out. But I'm not.....:yawn:

Himself helped milk last night - and was a BIG help. He did Annie and Mocha...and we discovered Annie is a prima-donna. He finished her and moved to Mocha; I sat down next to Annie to keep her quiet (if we let 1 go, they ALL want to go...) I grabbed a brush to keep her, I thought she was gonna fall asleep! Eyes at half-mast, ears perpendicular to her head, soft grunts....too funny! She even brushed her face! :snicker: (She was most upset this morning when the brush didn't reappear - little hedonist!)

Wrist is shot. I still want another goat - but I agree we need the machine more. :sigh:

Herself has 2 more critters I need to post - they're on the card, but I don't know that I'll be able to upload 'em today. We'll see.
Tags: blather, goats, kids

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