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Picture post

In lieu of real content, I give you: Pictures! (Seriously, my life is never-changing. Get up at 4:30, shower, milk, process milk, dress, work. Get home at 5:15, change, milk, process milk, go to bed @ 7-ish. BO-ring. And yet, somehow, I'm still tired. :sigh:)

Let's start by showcasing Herself's latest. 2 more Pokemon critters:

The orange one is for Himself; the yellow one is the bowling-pin. :giggle:

Don't know anything about them, except that the orange one hasn't left Himself's sight since she finished it for him. He LOVES it! She's working on something yellow for him now.

Oh, and Ali? She needs pics of the back and underside of the sp...spi....bug-thing :shudder: for your son. She said she can't find a pattern, but "No big deal. I'll make one up. Yeah! It's EASY."

Y'all don't know how BIG this is. The fact that she is THAT confident in herself to make up a pattern! I am on cloud 9 here! (Even if it DOES involve a sp...spi....nasty-bug-thing. :shudder: and :grin:)

Now for something completely different: Soap molds. Yeah, boring - but if you wanna get into soaping, you'll need molds. You don't need to spend a fortune on them - you can make them yourself.

This is my PVC mold. It's 18" tall, and 3" around. I use these for facial soaps and shampoos - to set them apart from my normal bath soaps. The 18" one will hold a 2 lb batch (2 lb being the amount of oil used). We put a threaded top on it, with a cap; the bottom is a black rubber cap. Total cost for 2 - around $15, not including the PVC cement. I don't have a photo of the top with the valve on it - we have one with a 2 part valve; when it comes time to de-mold, I put that one on, screw it down, and hook up the air compressor. Remove the bottom, turn the compressor on...and voila! Soap cannon! :lol: Seriously - it makes it easy to remove the soap. Otherwise you have to use an empty can and broomstick. I'd rather pump it out!

This is my new, silicone-lined mold. Again, it's a 2-lb mold. I've just done the 2nd coat of silicone....and it's STILL not assembled. :sigh: Maybe tonight....

This is the silicone I used:

It does make the soap easy to remove, and it prevents the dreaded lining-of the mold with freezer paper/plexiglass/plastic bags. I've got one more to silicone...then I'll have 3, all the same size. :rubs hands with glee: I want to PLAY with soap colorants! And swirling! And and and....:lol:

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