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It's Friday!

Half day! :whee: I'm glad, because I am all caught up...and it's hard to work when you have no work to do, know what I mean? And Ms. boss is up here ALL.The.Time.....:sigh: Still, half days are good!

I get to go buy shavings, get my oil changed, and by a hot-box today. Snips will NOT stop jumping the fence, and since the *trainer* said to use hot wire...never mind. Just 'cause that was my FIRST suggestion :grumble:......we have the wire, just need a new box.

The bucklings are starting to smell...which means breeding season is almost here. :joy: Gotta get them MOVED before the smell permeates the milk...

Got the tickets for Six Flags today.....we may not do anything else on our vacation, but we WILL go to an amusement park! The first one the kids'll have been to....yeah, I suck, don't I? Force my kids to have livestock, force them to READ instead of watch TV, force them to learn hand-crafts and art, drag them to fossil sites and nature exhibits, force them to go to NASA and learn about science.......I'm sorry, but I compare them to Sweet Geek's step-nephews/neices, kids are better off. (At his step-grandma's funeral, we(well, *I*) were accused of neglect because my kids don't watch mainstream TV - for the longest, they thought PBS was the only channel we got! My kids are both honor-roll, G&T, and in AP classes. Theirs? Are passing. :nods: Yeah. I'll stick with MY notions on child-raising!) /soapbox

Herself is on project #.....something huge. She did a hedgehog thingy and is working on a dog-thingy....I think these are #4 and 5 for THE WEEK. I knew crochet was faster, but Damn! Didn't know it was THAT fast!

Gonna make more soap this weekend - I was browsing the Dish...some of the soaps there are AWESOME. Embeds and all - I've figured out the *how*, now I need to *do* it. Soap as an art stuff!
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